Trying To Talk In A Group

I prefer one on one conversations. It never fails in a group setting, I try to say something and I get interrupted. I stop and try again. Interrupted again. So this time, i start over and try to talk over the person who keeps interrupting and keep going... Now it seems that no one heard what I said. I give up. I'll be over here when you all are done.
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Geez I hate that! I'll be talking about something extremely personal and one of my friends will get distracted and be like "omg did you see that?". and my story will totally be interrupted and no one will care to be like oh continue, nope they go on as if i weren't telling a story to begin with -.-

Oh, man, does this happen to me too! I never seem to be able to find the right opening in the conversation, so either I am interrupting someone else, or I get interrupted. If by chance I do get a word in edgewise, people continue as if I said nothing. Or, worse, someone will later say almost exactly the same thing as if I never pointed it out.

Huh? I just don't understand. It's disheartening.

that really sucks when that happens,,,

I hate when that happens. I just leave the area before I yell stfu.