This Is In My Mind

I don't know, and I don't care. This is all bullshit. I went to a wedding today. Let me tell you about it. By the way, I hate old/cripple drivers. They suck. Generally.

Anyway. I went to this wedding. My ?friend? ( I like him, and her too, anyway) got married to this cool chick ( I wouldn't want to marry her, and the feeling is mutual I'm sure) but she's cool anyway. I wouldn't beat her with an iron pipe, anyway. Do I say " Anyway" too much? I try to mix it up with " But", " So", and " Just like" alot, so maybe I just like, don't know how to write. But, anyway, I went to this wedding. The second one I'd ever gone to. And, I even wore a tie. The first time, actually. Everybody told me I looked like pimp ****, but I know I looked like a ******* cocksmoker. I listen to heavy metal. I work in construction. I'm not supposed to look nice. I took pictures of myself to put on the internet so I could make myself look like a *****. I'm self-destructive. I love myself.

So they did the ceremony. All religious and ****. References to Jesus, all that. Though I have to say, the priest or whatever was alright. He didn't make any references to fire and brimstone. A major lack, if I might say. But it was Lutheran, as opposed to Catholic, which is the only other one I've ever been to. I didn't notice a difference. Of course the two are years apart, but, so what? It's a ******* wedding. How different can it be. So they are joined. I almost teared up. In a dream I had, where lesbians ate thier unborn children while doing unspeakable things with a goat.

Then there is the reception. Where every red-blooded American tries like hell to meet another single member of thier species, and get laid. I wanted to. But I was bored to tears. Literally. I had to say I was crying over how beautiful thier joining was, and I even then risked losing my Man Card. I was so ******* bored. Even free, cheap, nasty ******* liquor couldn't succor me. I'm serious. Free alcohol. As much as I want. It wasn't enough. That's saying something.

I left early,because I couldn't listen  to any more country. And because I wanted to eat my own face, just to get out of that place. And if you have ever seen me, you know that isn't a tasty meal. I really like the people that got married. I just couldn't take anymore. Before I left. So, guys, if you are wondering why there is a big pile of crap in the corner, that was me. Newlyweds are way too cute. So I **** on your presents. I'm not sorry. Welcome to marriage.

Disclaimer: Don't ever **** on marriage gifts. It's considered unfriendly. And never admit it either. But they'll never see it here. Ha Ha. They are both well adjusted individuals with lots of friends and activities. Ha Ha.

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5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

**** yeah I do.

You don't say anyway to much, I have that title.<br />
But you do swear a lot.

In some it's a compliment. Though I don't really hang out in those circles anymore. Sigh.

Yeah. Thanks for asking.

Did you feel better now? After saying all that. I hope you do.