I Am A Semicircle

A rainbow is a semicircle.  There with all its promises, beauty, and dreams of a pot of gold.  And yet like all of my past relationships or missed opportunities like the rainbow its faded into a dream.  I am a semicircle without the other semicircle to make me whole.  She is so far away in the future it seems like.  So I keep tracking on toward the rainbow in hopes that the semicircle it is will fit just right with the semicircle that I am.   Wandering forward like all the other semicircles around me walking the same direction.  How foolish we are  every now and then getting a glimpse of the rainbow after the rain of life giving hope.  And how sad we are after the sun is out and the rainbow is gone and we discover all we are is just another semicircle.  Like a sliver of the moon hanging there alone.  Yet even the moon gets completed now and then only to loose itself as time goes on.  Even the moon hangs there bright giving hope and direction for all the lost semicircles of the world. 

This story is for all the semicircles out there.  Never give up and dare to dream! 

denverguy denverguy
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

I never thought of it like that.. Hmph semi circle... I like it!!! :)