The Short End Of The Stick...

After a brutally lean winter financially it has been good to get back to work as a landscape contractor -my 'regular' job. The workload has been okay, but not abundant enough to turn anything down. I work solo most of the time as I generally don't have any bigger projects that I can't tackle myself. It feels good to be catching up, but there's quite a bit more catching up to do before I'm current on all of my bills.
I had a nice little project I was supposed to start tomorrow, just a couple of miles from home, which is a rarity. Planting about a dozen trees, installing a walkway, and adding a new perennial garden to a nice house on Lake Morey. Met with the client three times, tagged trees in the nursery, lined up the help. It was to be the nicest project of my season so far.
Note the 'was'. I got home this evening to find a message from my client on the answering machine. Something's come up and she needs to cancel (not postpone) the project. I'm shocked, dismayed, and a little pissed off at the ramifications this has on my schedule, my ambitions, and my ability to get current with my finances enough to get back to my soul work of creating a book (promo as part of my website at I need to change my attitude a bit and turn things around in my head to see this recent news as a blessing instead of a curse. I don't want to do the poverty thing anymore, and I sure as hell don't want to play the victim. Sometimes it can be so easy to feel like I've been handed the short end of the stick, but somehow, some way, I need to learn to take life by the balls, and make the most of it. Anything else feels like a cop-out...
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Your story is mine exactly. I'm a landscape gardener and was laid off by my landscape contractor almost 1.5 years ago. I've been doing odd jobs and trying to drum up business and clients, not turning anything down including restaining a deck. I'm behind on my rent and bills which is frightening. I'm also limited in the hours that I can work because of 2 children 10 and 8 years of age. <br />
Having said that, work has been getting better. I have a nice maintenance client ba<x>se and about once a month an installation which brings in the bigger money. I also work alone or with another woman only on the bigger jobs. <br />
It's not an easy profession, the heat, the cold, the uncertainty but I love it. Gardening is my passion. <br />
I can only hope that I can continue to increase my work load and achieve some sort of stability. I can visualize it, but I can't quite touch it yet. <br />
I wish you the best of luck!

Good for you that you are managing to care for your two children and pursue your gardening passion. I do hope things go well for you!

Everyday, with hard work, it gets better and better. Thank you!