Various Types and Ages......

 I was talking with a friend here  about my R.L. sister and how we are estranged and such.     As I was telling him, I have a  cassette tape of many passed  relatives, including our mother and how it freaked her out when I told her I listen to it once a year, at least.  On my birthday......

  That tape is from waaaaayyyyyy back when I couldn't have been much older than  7.  

 My mother is on it, calling me over to her to say something to my great grandmother for x mas cause she was in the hospital that year.

 So theres my sweet, shy young voice saying "hi mom,  (thats what we called GG)   miss you mom. Merry Christmas mom"   

In the back ground  you can hear my dad coaching me, and my great grandpa, such a mean man... saying "well aint ya gonna say sompthin, speak up"    I am not misspelling, thats how he said it !  

 Then my grandmother saying happy birthday to me, my brothers teasing me about still wearing a diddie !    (diaper) I did not !  LOL !

  My grandmothers before cancer voice and her after cancer re learning how to talk.......*sighs*    So many memorys, my aunt and cousins when they came fom Cali to visit,  drunk and singing.   It's a treasure.


 We have one with my life mates father and a gathering at  x mas before he died.  It's a video that includes other members that are now dead also. 

 Absolute treasures.   

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Sometimes when it is quiet .. I can still hear their voices , isn't odd the things that stay with us .

Beautiful........... good memories kept safe by a loving daughter..........<br />
Great idea for a story.......... smiles