Behind Everything

It's those feelings I cant shake, you know where your heart leaps, or you mind's in a daze. I cant tell you I know everything, but I can tell you I've experienced a lot. It's those small things in life that make you who you are. I'm just not sure if i know who i am. People tell me Im strong, but inside Im weak. i dont think anyone really understands that. I'm tired of being the person to pick up everyone elses' pieces. Im tired of everyone assuming Im okay. My life is easy, I know. But Im sick of hearing everyone elses problems and never discussing my own. I want to find who i am, but I'm buried underneath  everyones lies, and even my own. So maybe, this is a start. A start to a new beginning.

Allyysonn Allyysonn
13-15, F
Jul 24, 2010