The Villian

sure, you can walk into any package store and grab whatever whiskey you recognize. hell maybe you even grab the cheapest. or you can become a connoisseur, by understanding why one blend differs from another, where every precious drop comes from, and what varieties of that creature you may truly like. a commodity like this can be something in which you can gravely become a true expert. not only will this heighten your overall pleasures, it's even been known to make life more pleasant. depending on what kind of schedule you're keeping, you can take it neat on the rocks, or with a splash of branch water. if you got enough time to sit down you could always use scotch instead of vermouth plus gin and your martini will be considered 'burnt' or vermouth and rye whiskey for a manhattann. i could ramble on with variations. lest we forget , a man is someone who can mix the perfect martini, and of course you'll need plenty of hands on study. i've noticed a trend lately here in america, where people are getting back to the old way of doing things, which kinda explains my wrackful affiliations with the rare old stuff. when it comes to things we ingest, more and more people are eating organic produce, and it makes sense. hell, even down there at glenmorangie they've been saying they have only used the finest ingredients for the last 160 years. i've been called worse things than a drunk. these days after new acquisitions, i now offer a small libation to my ancestral spirits, they know i have found the gems in life that leave me relaxed and smiling at the end of the day. CHEERS!
junkpile138 junkpile138
26-30, M
Jan 8, 2013