Two girls – one British, one German – were strolling along the beach when they came across two young men playing with a stick. They paused at the water’s edge, marveling at the sight of a beautifully painted boomerang whirling against the dipping sun then back into the hands of the thrower. The men noticed the girls watching them and struck up a conversation. The British girl bridled a little at being called “mate”, but on reflection was grateful that they hadn’t called her “sheila”. The blonder of the two men invited the girls to “handle his stick” (sadly, the unsubtle innuendo went straight over the heads of the two girls) and try their hand at throwing. The British girl was excited because, although she was a GIRL, she had a strong flexible wrist and did not THROW LIKE A GIRL, and she enjoyed demonstrating this to men she felt were patronising her. After brief instruction she tossed the boomerang into the vivid sunset and watched with delight as it hooped back (and narrowly missed decapitating an unsuspecting tourist).

Now it was the turn of the German girl.

“No, I do not want to throw the boomerang”, she said, “Because if I do it will fall into the ocean”.

The British girl nodded vigorously to confirm that this is what would happen.

“It will fall into the ocean and you will get your shorts wetted fetching it back”.

The young men, mistaking her plain talking for diffidence and modesty (how little do they know her) engaged in playful “banter” until she shrugged her shoulders and took the stick in her hand. She threw it hard and straight and it plopped into the water some 40 metres from where they stood. The blonder man waded in and got his shorts very wet. Then his friend followed and his shorts got equally wet as they searched for their stick in the darkening sea.

The two girls continued with their stroll into the sunset, shaking their heads at the foolishness of young men.

And the moral of this story? Always listen carefully to a plain-talking German.
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So in Australia and all that.

I love Australian men . . . they are so open, friendly, and then heart-breakingly transparent when their spirits/egos are so cruelly crushed!

So tell me why I Love women; then!!!

I love this! I've heard many similar stories, most that weren't told half so well as you did here. Thank you Beth.

I was snickering and giggling on from the part that the German girl first spoke-because I could guess what would happen next...and it reminds me of so many of the same morals and humor in the German stories my Grandfather used to tell. :-)

Ich verstehe nicht.

You are probably overthinking it. Once you get it, it'll be like the Kohlensäure in sodapop.