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Smile Awhile And Give Your Face A Rest

I can’t talk to Arorin and not feel calm. True, he’ll make fun of me when I’m in a the foulest mood and I feel like punching him in his face sometimes, but after the purses and pouts and evil glares, at the end, he’s made me smile, even if it’s disguised by a sarcastic one. -_- PhedoRuka, even though she no longer comes on EP, is one of the most amazing, random and passionate people I know. Just the thought my Starlight Babe makes me smile and laugh. The time I’ve been able to spend with her are unforgettable. =]

My Bhai,bulbula, is forever making me giggle and smile. If not about him being paranoid about not wearing a shirt around everyone except bublina, his adorable blushes or how he rumbles on and on and on about how amazing, beautiful, talented and intelligent his girlfriend is (which I totally agree). On a gloomy day I can open up a message of his and from the first word I’m smiling.=) Usually bublina’s first words have me laughing my head off. Most of the times it’s because of a typo that changed the whole meaning of the sentence and other times just because bublina is being bublina. Always supportive, always full of wise malinaness and always trying to brighten other’s days, she’s always pulling a smile from my mouth. =P

Grandma LookHowTheyShine is no longer with us on EP, but we’ve had so many personal jokes that it’s difficult not to giggle, laugh and snort when I see something related to one of our millions of jokes and teases. I almost broke my jaw the one night while speaking to her about… I think we were laughing about something about her PJs which we renamed to JPs… or about a little bobbing head of Rafa that we found hilarious… or bulbula… or was it putting on bright deep red lipstick and making pouts at each other… or Sonya’s gender issues… or  we were thinking of scenarios how she was meant to kill me because she was suppose to hate me with a passion (which, haha, was a fail with a spoonful of epic, since we’re such close nunu cherry tomato with each other)… or was it her singing her Bee song and me attempting to record it without her knowing… or Floydian… or Truttul being our next meal after listening to a Whackhead Simpson phone call prank on Dachshund puppies being sold at a Chinese restaurant for 55 Rand per plate… or was it about our difference pronunciations of “tomato,” and then she literally tramped on little cherry tomato me to use me as a pasta sauce… or when I couldn’t stop laughing and was hiding my face in my arms, but every time I looked at her, I burst out laughing again… or I think we were telling each other such lame jokes, but we were close to crashing on the floor and crying tears of laughter… shoot! I really can’t remember, but when we eventually stopped, our jaws were so sore and stuck in smiling positions. =D cowshed123 is my nunu koei’tjie! Hy is die beste koei vriend ooit! He is ‘n vriendlike, snaakse, oulike ou. Hy is een van die redes date k nog of EP bly. Elker keer as ons praat, glimlag ek. =]

My favourite Aussie of all time! ReeceH constantly widens my smile. RHSK143, don’t worry, you may keep him for yourself. =P These two love birds are so cute together that just looking at a picture or reading a story of/about/to make me smile. Their teases about McFly and Nirvana are the funniest things since Giggles4488 cuffed TrprBadass in the bedroom and passionately tourtured him, after “accidently” losing the key and the spare keys. Girls, learn from this woman! ;) I love reading how these two amazing couples love each other so much. TrprBadass being such a gentleman to Giggles and Reece handling RHSK with such care. Then Giggles keeping Trpr on his toes, always alert for some evil plot or treat and RHSK teasing and playing around with Reece. It’s like a romantic comedy brought home to me! Hehehehe, they’re such sweet, caring, loving, funny friends that thinking of the circus together makes me smile. =]

peanloradiates with energy and it’s pretty difficult not to be contaminated by her toxic enthusiasm. I take one look at her profile or messages and I smile at her whacked out craziness. Perhaps that is why we can handle each other: we’ve both lost all sense of normality. =P DarkAngel123 is the eldest of us Three Musketeershs, nevertheless, peanlo and I cannot resist picking on her. Then we all turn on peanlo. =P DarkAngel and I are mirror images (it’s been long decided): she smiles, I smile. She hurts, I hurt. She runs around in the rain and quacks like a pig, I run around in the rain and snort like a duck. She jumps off a bridge, I save her stupid ***. -_- CrazyHarley is another amaaaaaaazing lady! I possibly think she’s one of those little possum thingies that just pop out of nowhere and leave gifts, then disappear without a trace… ooooh, spooky. =/ Even though she tackles pretty hard and I have a couple of bruises after it, I’ve gotta smile when I see her coming! =D

FreeFallWallhas me laughing every time we speak to each other. He’s such a sweet, funny guy that I cannot resist smiling for the oddest, smallest of reasons. I’m sure he enjoys making a fool of me – he writes stories about falling in love and just as I’m about to tease him or go “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” he turns the tides by revealing his feelings are about maths or distraction. *pouts* =/ Of course I smile at him catching me being so stupid. =P I have to smile when lazyangel is around or he’ll make sure I never smile again. Or he’ll make sure there’s a never-ending smile: it’ll be over here, over there and up there – very wide lip span and I don’t even have to practice on golas. =P

Turbulence has one of the dirtiest minds known to man. And that’s no joke. ;) He’s good at disguising it though… I guess that comes with him being an invisible ninja.He already knows DarkAngel and my smiley weak point: all he has to to is put a photo up of himself. We’re gaga-gooey eyed and grinning like lunatics, checking out the 6-pack he took out of the fridge. =P I giggle and grin because of DarkAngel’s statement once (not quoted): “Haan, I was also worried AoD would mistake you for me and me for you. O.O” TheAngelOfDeath, the thought of that is #1, creepy. #2, actually highly entertaining. Just you being involved in hypothesises and jokes dangles a smiley face. =P

amysangels is one of the sweetest, most caring people I’ve met. Her spontaneous quotes and creative imagination catch me smiling at the way she sees magic in the most ordinary everyday life. Our silly little jokes of pillows, ninjas, ghosts and Nesaholism paint a big smile at every memory. =] I suppose, unfortunately, I have to add theologian in here as well, otherwise I’ll be tackled by a dwarf that seems to have taken a great liking to him. =P Obsessively compulsive and intelligently dumb, I’m yet to find why the ninny at all makes me smile. Possibly because something went terribly wrong and his parents ended up with a 7 brain celled son instead of the next Newton? =[ Maybe because he’s more girl than I could dream to be? =P

The idiot thinks he can say and do whatever he likes to me and he’ll get away with it – freak, 3 minutes later he actually does. I don’t know how he does it and I wish I did. Floydian knows how to make me smile, and mean it. He also knows how to make me smile and mean it. He also knows how to make me want to murder him. -_- I must admit though, the best smiles and laughs always come from his poor English reading and writing skills… I’m 10-1 gasping for air after having a little laughing fit thanks to his wonderful language skills. ;)

I can name so many more EP friends who make me smile and reasons behind it, but I’m getting lazy of writing now and I have to study for tomorrow’s physics and chemistry exam, so I’ll just list a few other awesome people: nicerain, TendereyesPrincess, SuperMother2010,Facingmyfears, MrsLalaninjacakes, funngirlmmm, TideToGo, Strikerfreeze, TheLostPoet,MisterMasterWolf, MrsMistressWolf… please don’t throw me with a clay or glass pot if I left any of you clows that make me smile out. =[

I don’t just have someone. I have some people. I have some friends. They’re my sunshine on a cloudy day. Somehow, even when I don’t want to, they manage to make my lips twitch upwards and, even if an eyebrow is raised with it, for a moment, I’m happier. They give me strength to carry on when I want to give my last breath.
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 21 Responses May 30, 2011

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I want someone special that can make me forget what I was going to say with only a smile haha

Stay long enough to meet some people here and I'm sure you could find someone. =) There are amazing people here! Or, were, when we were actually active. =/

You gonna buy me one, boden? -_-

Make an account get an iPod touch take videos transport them to the computer go to upload videos on your account and choose that video....

Bleh, can't I just use yours? -_-<br />
<br />
It has less wrinkle lines than yours! Since I don't frown as much.

It doesn't take long to get a youtube account. and I am sure you can learn about how to use your webcam, it is rather simple. <br />
<br />
Your face is ancient!! -_-

I don't have a YouTube account and I don't know the first thing of recording with the webcam-thingy. Anyway, why can't YOU just talk to me over webcam?<br />
<br />
Your mind is ancient. It's a total pleasure, really! =D

least she has the guts to make a vblog. <br />
<br />
btw I am not that old, and I am very nice thank you very much.

Ha, peanlo go that part wrong in her vlog about you. =P And no, you're just a mean old Kitty. -_-<br />
<br />
A miserable lion? I know. =/

Yeah that's it Arorin.....

I am not grumpy you are just sensitive.

Nooooo, I WUV YOU!!! *HUG-HUG* ♥<br />
<br />
*smile-smile at boden* =]<br />
<br />
*giggle-giggle* Oh, sure, turbulence, I'll pretend i believe you. ;) Sorry! Sorry! SORRY! I didn't see those other 2! =O Ooooh, baking any cookies? =D

"one of the dirtiest minds known to man" !!!! WHAT??!! Lemme tell you... I have this deity of naughtiness in my mind. I usually ignore him, but sometimes... it's just unavoidable =I<br />
<br />
"6-pack" Again, WHAT??!! It's an 8pack, AN EIGHT PACK!! D=<br />
And it's not a fridge anymore =/ It's an oven. Dx

Your welcome.

Well, what ya waiting for, Reece? =P<br />
<br />
*giggle-giggle* Giggles. =)<br />
<br />
Well, I sure am. ;) Hehehehe, she also keeps you down on the bed as far as us youngsters are allowed to know. =P Thank you for being so awesome like you are, Trpr. =]<br />
<br />
*goes SQUISH* I'd hug back, but I'm a little... squishied... at the moment. =P Hehehe, love you lots, Giggles! *LIQUID HUG*<br />
<br />
Awwwwww, you just made me smile now, boden! =) And you, wedgiewedgi. =P<br />
<br />
Hehehe, *tackle hugs you back* you're amazing, Soul Sistah! ♥<br />
<br />
Ha! As if you never do! You're always trying to be a mean little grumpy old Kitty to me! -_-

Looks like I don't have to feel bad about making fun of you, not that I ever did!

Hahahaha, this made me fall off my chair laughing: "She runs around in the rain and quacks like a pig, I run around in the rain and snort like a duck. She jumps off a bridge, I save her stupid ***."<br />
<br />
Awww, sistah. *tackle hugs*

Me? :"(

Oh my goodness, this is soooo sweet!! **runs and grabs Miss Floydess in a squishy hugs** We just love you!

Hmm...are you sure you want the girls of ep to learn from Giggles? Lol, she does, indeed, keep me on my toes ;) Thanks for all the kind words.... you make Giggles and I smile, Miss Floydess.


Nirvana and McFly fights? Hmmmmm I don't think we have had one of those in awhile =P