Lucky Man!

Well, i don't have just one person that make me smile. The ones that i chat with make me smile each time i chat with them. I am an people person and i am very fortunate man to be able to find people that i can talk to an be able to just talk. It does not matter wher the person lives, or their nationality, an person is an person and if they want to talk to me, then i will talk back. I am an people person and my personality get alone with anyone. So here i am writeing an story about someone that makes me smile, you know who you are and thanks sooo much for talking to me and in life, some people just need an chance for you to see what kindof person they really are. Thanks once agin for thoes that gave me that oppertunity and may all your dreams and desires come true. LATER!
dragonstarr00 dragonstarr00
41-45, M
Sep 5, 2012