Love Knows Not Distance

So far away across the land
And further over seas
Our hearts in sync, the fires fanned
I long for her, she aches for me
A thousand miles (more!) apart
Yet by each other’s side
To me does she her love impart
Within her mine resides
Our voices yet have not been shared
Though we hear each other clearly
Through the distance we are paired
By the letters we hold dearly
In the night when dreaming comes
And visions sing of bliss
All our longings are undone
By the pressing of our lips
And when the day should come at last
When distance melts away
All our aches put in the past
Perfection has its day

I love you, DT :-)
FordPrefect42 FordPrefect42
41-45, M
17 Responses Mar 15, 2011

O_o Damn! When did I become schizophrenic??? ;-) LMAO!!!

(yeah,..and she totally sounds like Ford,...LMAO

lol @ DT's reaction... i was totally waiting to see it.

Awwww, Thanks PrettyOS!!! I feel the same way :):):):):)

DT and Ford you two were obviously made for each every way...I lub it.:)

Thank you, Lotus! :-)

Thank you Garfield :-)

It is great to have a dream girl wish the best.

You are just too adorable! I love you too :-)

Awww...You know I'ma lub you always, girly!!! ;-)<br />
Thank you Sunshine :):):):):):)

ah snap, here i thought you were confessing your undying love for moi! tehe.. nawl really, this is beautiful buddy, I know one lucky lady who will be on cloud nine when she reads this. This budding romance is beautiful to watch.. love n hugs to you both*

Thank you, Queen!!! High praise indeed from one who melts me with every song :-)

Thank you, Michelle!!! (((hugs)))

Awww how beautiful...may you two have a lifetime of happiness !!

Thank you, Destiny!!! :-)<br />
<br /> softy, PrettyOS ;-) Thank you!!!

(*crying*) Oh Ford! demm you!........This is absolutely beautiful....perfectly.

Thank you, Heart :-)