I Have Met Someone More Wonderful Than I Know How To Describe

I never came here looking to meet anyone or for a relationship.  A new relationship frightened me, have come out of a previous one that had ended badly.  It wasn't that it ended badly, it's the manner in how it ended, but this is neither the time or the place to discuss that.

This relationship started by me simply answering a question that this person had asked.  I answered, based on my experience.  That started a line of communication that is still continuing today.  We have shared some of the most ubelievably erotic and sensual communiocations that I have ever had in my life.  I've never been so open, so willing to bare my soul than I have with her; neither have I felt so confident, but that confidence may prove to be dangerous.

I know and neither does she, if this is to be a "for keeps" relationship, but it would be criminal if we didn't see at least, if and how the chemistry might work itself out.  I want to submit to her and enjoy every second that we're together, whether privately or in person.  I want to touch her, pleasure her and drive her wild.  I think I can.

And more than anything, I adore the fact, that if she reads this, she will know who it is that I'm referring to, but no one else will.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

carelessgypsy...thank you for the comment. Unfortunately, I have to report that all is not good. A meeting led to the discovery that even though there is a connection, it is not sufficiently strong enough to maintain the relationship, other than just being friends.<br />
I still do have strong feelings for this person and have expressed them in many different ways, but it seems to be of no avail. I would readily welcome the return of the affections, but at this point in time, it appears that it is not to be.

wicked...Thanks very much. She is very special and I treasure her every word and thought that she sends to me.

It is amazing how 2 people can connect on line..... building a friendship and then an intimacy that can be overwhelming for both. It is truly lovely!<br />
<br />
I am sure she will read this and love the sentiment. *smiles*