the Waitress

Many of you have seen my stories about the waitress.Some of you have sent me messages.This story is about my relationship with her.I will not disrespect the woman by using her name or any sexual details.Some of you may find that strange after reading my other stories.

I am living with a woman who is madly in love with me.I have been waiting for her to change her mind but that does not seem likely at this point.She knows I am married but separated,she knows I am a traveling guy.These things have not discouraged her.

The woman is truly beautiful and I cannot understand why she is fixated on me.I am 15 years older than she.At first I thought she would be happy having attention from someone who respected her.But I am finding out she wants all of me.There is no all of me to give.35 years ago I began the career I still follow today and along the way I have had hundreds of adventures.That is my life I miss it and I want it back.

My dilema is I cannot bear to hurt this woman.She is giving her all to me.It is wonderful and hurtful at the same time.I don't know that I have ever known anyone who does all that she does.She has come home at 12:30 at night and gotten up at 4:00 a.m. to fix me something to eat before I went to work.She bought me a leather coat for my birthday I know she could not afford and just beams when I put it on.My god the woman can cook.I am used to eating in diners and cafeterias or anyplace I could,but she stuffs me with terrific home cooked food even though she works long and odd hours.

I love sleeping with her and the look from eyes would melt an iceberg,but I do not love her.I respect her,I want to protect her,I like doing things to make her happy,but I do not love her.

She is fierecly jealous of me that too is scary.I like a little variety.She even called my wife when I was out and yelled at her to sign the divorce papers and not to send me any more presents.If we are sitting and watching tv or I am reading she will have to sit so she touches me.I don't need a blanket at night she is one.

I am the traveler so this must end soon as I am to go to Texas (and there are some hot chicks there) in January.But I do not see a happy way to end this.I have tried talking to her and she says she understands but more and more I don't believe her.

Some hot sex some good times and lets move on is my style.I guess I am stuck this time.There will be no good way to move on.It is going to hurt me to hurt her but it is my only solution. 

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5 Responses Nov 30, 2006

I was in a similar situation and as soon as I loved her back and showed her the same affection she left me

I am willing to bet that if another man were interested in your g/f, you would begin to admit that you love her.

So, to guess your age, you must be at least 53 if you have been in your career for 35 years. I understand that you don't love this woman and that you don't feel ready to settle down. However, at your age, I think you soon will be ready to settle down with someone. Your lady must be about 40 so please either leave her now or else never leave her as she will find it hard to find someone at her age - especially if she wants to have a "last-chance" baby.

I don't understand....are you incapable of loving one woman? Or do you just have yourself convinced of it? Have you over-exposed yourself to the point of being de-senthisized? You know you could have been describing the situation I'm I finally understand what you've meant about the parrallels in our universes. After reading this entry, I am deeply this how the man I've been dealing with feels about me? He'll never be able to tell me how he really feels....not with words anyway. He SUCKS at communicating. He doesn't like to talk about much of anything at all..... He tells me all the time how beautiful and smart and exciting I "good for him" I've been. He's expressed fear and confusion about "why I'm still here." I don't know what to do for the man. I'm about to give up......exasperatedly... (unfortunately, "I'm about to" probably means I'm about to in just a few more 8 or 10 months....

Get yer wading boots on, sir! It's gettin' deep in here!!