Predator Drones

Undertone Undertone 46-50, F 4 Responses Jun 1, 2010

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Absolutely true, both of your comments. Desensitising and placing life and death on a screen that keeps it from being real to the operator. How surreal our lives have become. Devoid of emotions and compassion for fellow human beings. They cut their teeth on "Twisted Metal", and the game continues with another replay in a game that they never lose.

Wonder how how long till they start taking Americans out with drone attacks in America, I've already read where the Government has drones flying over Oregon, Houston and Dade County, Fl.

Some Census workers were logging GPS readings on the doorsteps of homes they visited.

It's programming. Mind control.

Yes, this is a propaganda film. I found others on you tube that showed more from "the other side", but I could not get them to embed. But as Bitterdregs said, this is beyond desensitised.

Rationalization to mask the truth is what humans do to killing. You can tell how desensitised these people are. hell they don't even need to be desensitised, it's all a video game to them.