The Whole Story

Some of you know this, some of you don't. Some of you have had the brief version, others of you don't. This is so I don't have to explain the whole thing over and over again when people call me a homewrecker (ah I love those PMs) and all the rest of it...


Me and D met about 3 years ago. We first met in the summer before we started seeing each other at a work conference thing. Then bumped into each other, literally, the following January.

He was seperated, the divorce was going through. They had fallen out of love yet had remained friends. We started seeing each other and it was nice and normal and we were slowly falling in love. One day he gets a phone call saying that L (the ex wife) was going to kill herself because she was so depressed over the events of their divorce. I sent him back. He went.

We kept in contact, saw each other once in a while, but never 'dated'. We were friends. I started seeing someone else, and he and her obviously got closer but not that close. In the December of that year we started seeing each other again, the divorce was going through yet again as she had stopped it when she was going to kill herself. It wasn't until the end of the month we started seeing each other again and it was nice and back to how it was.

The next two months we saw each other, not that much as we were both pretty busy and he was looking for somewhere to live. We met up in half term of that February. Got a room together, just so we could be together, nothing naughty. We made plans, we even talked about moving in together. We named our children... We got a phone call from her to tell us she was pregnant.

I wasn't upset that he had slept with her, I had been seeing someone else also. I was upset that we could no longer do what we had just talked about. I think it broke me.

Long story short....a baby and another million divorces going on and off on and off and now one that has finally happened.

We're together, she wants her daughter to move a 3 hour drive away and live with her.


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Well i cant help it, if you dont take a bath, can I? :P<br />
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And I was referring to

Best of luck to you both, moo...and remember that true love usually wins out in the end. {{hugs}}

Home-wrecker....<br />
<br />
I never called you that..<br />
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I had something better to say, or rather ask.."were you responsible for them splitting up?"<br />
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Heh thats what I

Good luck, sweetie. And many warm, loving thoughts are going out to you. *HUGS*

I hope this custody thing doesn't get ugly. Divorce is difficult enough already.<br />
Even if someone disagrees with you (in any situation here) nasty PMs are out of line. I hope you ignored them. <br />
Good luck with all of this. Be prepared for more emotional rides. Sorry, moo!

That is a really horrifying story, emotionally. I think you handled it with respect and class.

-hugs- she doesnt sound too fun...... i hope it all works out. x