I'm Not Going To Cater To Them!!

When my ex-boyfriend & I lived togrther...his mom and sister was alway at our house..we have a daughter. We have since went our seperate ways and how they all think I am suppose to cater to them...they always want me to bring my daughter to them...granted they don't have any cars....HOWEVER..they find away to get everywhere else they need to be...Gannie, as she likes to be called.. have a daughter and she have a girl 9 mons older them my child...they always complain about me not bringing my daughter to see them...well gannie goes to see her daughter and other grand daughter every weekend and get this...she has to drive PASS my house to get there...so if she passes my house and don't care stop! ..should I feel bad because I don't take my daughter to them? I have something that belongs to them..not the other way. I have said this to my ex....he exspects the same....I say NO!!
deeann01 deeann01
46-50, F
May 25, 2012