Please Pay Attention And Inform Yourselves...before It's Too Late

I am a 22 year old African american and American Indian who is not perfect I have been incarcerated I've lived a hard life but I do not let that predict who I am. I am not a theorist but I am very aware to my surroundings and very hip thanks to my long hours of researching to the history of America that is usually left out in middle and high school history classes and the pieces of history that America would like for us to not discuss. But I love America and would like to see it as the greatest country to live in which I know it can be so I'm dedicated to getting others to assist in getting this country to it's full potential for every American citizen and not just the wealthy. On another note I have seen and done long research on these candidates running for office in 2012 and we must inform ourselves of every candidate before voting, this is mandatory because I have seen for myself these republican candidates have a lot to hide and they will do every thing in their power to keep their demons undercover. We have to realize that every presidential candidate is very suspect to corruption. But for one these Goldman Sachs executives and other wealthy members of presidential administrations have to be replaced because as long as we have candidates who can't afford to run a strong campaign alone, their will be people of power and wealth such as former bank executives throwing money up to assist the candidate but in all reality it's manipulation and a form of blackmailing if you ask me. These wealthy guys alot of times invest in helping a president run a campaign to secure a political position or get a bill proposed that they want passed without the people's consent. Obama is a perfect example his administration consists of numerous former bank executives and members of the bush administration  which I think we all can agree that we don't need anyone from the Bush administration assisting in failure again. But Obama has guys like Gary Gensler who is now Commissioner for the Obama Administration who are always around when a crisis occurs this has to change. It's like we're  trying to get a dramatic  change in results out of the same team and same game plan that has failed on numerous attempts we have to get a fresh start, we have to get a new team and a new game plan to succeed.
ChangeisgonnacomePROSPER ChangeisgonnacomePROSPER
22-25, M
Oct 28, 2011