I Spoke to Meggers

she wants me to tell everyone at ep 'hi'

it turns out she has a computer virus.

she'll be back on here once she gets the damn thing fixed.

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2 Responses Dec 7, 2007

Pass along this info - Look up Comodo Anti-virus. They have a 60 day trial with GeekBuddy (aka live PC help) and they'll help her to fix it for free!! Worked for me when I got hit this week with a viral called "Win7 Security 2011" which is a nasty one disguised to look like a security program.<br />
<br />
They can actually remote access your computer (and don't unless you give permission) and you can watch them fix your computer problem on your screen. It's pretty neat and it's safe and legit!

thanks, i'll tell her you said hi.