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My Gift To You...

I've tried to be nice about this, but it's not getting through. Especially to a number of creepy people that insist that what I say, I don’t mean. So I'll spell it out in the most straight-forward, blunt way I can so you won't need to block me in the future-and vice versa.

I do not Webcam or Skype. All the asking in the world will not change my mind on this.

I don't want to see a picture of your penis-EVER. Unlike many people, I'm not visually stimulated by seeing genitalia. If that's all you can offer by way of stimulation, find an easier mark. I'm not it.

I'm here for far more than sex chat. So chances are that I'll bore the hell out of you if all you can think of is sex.

I have every right to the avatar on my page. It's beautiful, as am I. Just because it's not a picture of a basket of kittens or an Amish chick doesn't mean you have the right to assume I'm a sex doll. It also doesn’t give you the right to call me names. Find your own source amusement and leave me to the real men.

I will not send you nude pictures of me. Do not ask me to send a nude one excluding my face, as that won’t happen either. I enjoy my anonymity on EP and intend to keep it that way.

I do not want to see you **********, ***, *****, have sex, etc. While we’re at it, peeing, pooing, poodle humping, diaper wearing and lactating are also not on my bucket list. Just because all my immunizations and shots are updated doesn’t mean it’s a bodily-fluid-free-for-all!

I’m not a dominatrix. I won’t turn you into a sissy. If that’s your thing, that’s your prerogative. But my proclivities tend toward masculine, more dominant men.

I’m afraid of many things. Your opinion of me isn’t one of them. Don’t friend me if I’m not your cup of tea. By all means block me if you’re feeling dramatic. I don’t care either way. I’d much rather spend my time chatting with friends and people I enjoy anyway.
SecretBrokenDoll SecretBrokenDoll 36-40, F 43 Responses Dec 12, 2011

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I like this. Very enjoyable read.

That is as clear as a person can make it.....good job ;)

Well said. Here here!!!


Poodle -- Never mind... It's a sad indictment that you had to post this in the first place.

Very well said.

I like your style. I AM a Dominant female and even I have no time for most submissives who just want immediate gratification. Standards! :)

I like the way you express yourself...:) your story is articulate with just the right amount of panache...!
Love the reference to poodle-humping....

Thank you! I'm flattered!

You're very welcome, chica...:)
I like your style....its like mine..!

LOL, I like it!


...poodle humping?

It takes all kinds...

Yes, where would the world be without poodle humpers.

I couldn't imagine such a world!

I'm guessing poodles would be less neurotic.

Perhaps...but the poodle humpers would be lost and sad...

Naaah, they'd be non-existent. Non-existent people don't matter.

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Lactating? I sure hope that you made that one up!

I fear I'm not creative enough to make that one up! Ha! Seriously, type in the word "lactating" in the search box and you'll be surprised at what you find. Doesn't bother me that people like it. To each their own. But some people need to be reminded that their fetish isn't everyone's fetish.

I suppose, but it's not like you can sustain it for the long haul. I mean, they dry up after a while.

Yeah, honestly I have no clue how that works.

I agree with your statement, including anonymity for most women, if my daughter was on this site I would tell her to remain anonymous, so good for you. My avatar is the cover of a novel I wrote, my choice, as yours is one of beauty, your choice. I joined EP a long time ago, as I joined political, writer, or art blogs at the time and then tired of the EP site fairly soon. I got back on a couple of weeks ago to try it again, to sharpen my quick response writing skills, get a variety of points of view (even if some are quite weird or amazing), and for some relaxation. I don't mind (and I use) gentle double entendres or sardonic humor but I also try to answer questions with either a seriousness or lightheartedness whatever seems appropriate. There are a dozen or so great dating sites, or sites for sleaziness, or whatever "floats a person's boat" so I'm not sure why this one is used for that, if it is.

I've only been on EP for a few weeks and this is the first I've seen your profile. I'm so sorry you have experienced what you described above. It is straight forward and to the point and I like it. It sux when there are those out there that assume you are a certain way just because your avatar shows a beautiful torso. You seem like someone who has a good head on her shoulders. Way to go!

Thank you!

You're welcome :)

It is a shame you even have to write this. There is so much heart in your writing and such a strong spirit showing through that I cannot imagine any one who reads your words writing you that way. The beauty in your avatar is far surpassed by the beauty of the woman you are for those who would see it.

Thank you! That was so flattering!

When the hurt overcomes me from my son's death, I come and read your stories. I think you may be the one person who could understand some of my past and what I feel. It is like spiritually I reach out to wrap my arms around you and hold you tight. I feel a part of me understands and appreciates the capacity of your emotions.

You're always welcome to talk to me. Some pains are simply too profound to handle alone. Hugs!

Well written, well said, and here here. There's a billion sex sites folks can go to. Leave EP to the folks that actually use their brains (And i mean the one situated on the neck for the guys.)

Thank you!

I don't think I could lactate no matter how hard I squeezed. :P

I'll file that visual with "milking cats on a farm in Jersey"!

lol good move. :D

Well said. Excellent word usage.

You rock!!! Thank you - so well said - i could not agree more!!! :o)

Lol nicely stated!

Very nice. Nope wont get any of that from me. You seem like a nice friend to have. Genuine too, i like that.

You rock, baby!

Thank you!

I like what you say, and you speak the whole truth. And nothing but the truth. Thank you for voicing your opion.

I have heard a lot of women say that the sexiest thing about a guy is their mind. That they are attracted to the intelligence, not their "dimensions." For some of us guys, it is the same way. Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the female body in ALL of its various shapes, but I am not attracted to a great body with nothing between their ears.<br />
<br />
I applaud you for your stance here. EP is a great place to get to anonymously get to know some friends.

Well don't want creep you out , your very attractive, good head on your shoulders. Good conversation is great and refreshing.

I'm sitting here with a HUGE grin on my face..........<br />
You siad you were sarcastic, well that's only the outer perimeter of your wit, acidity, individualism & spunkiness!<br />
Please don't ask me in return to see my huge appendage, because you will never look at another man again! ;-)<br />
I'm sure that, as you say, you are pleasing on the eye, but I can already see an inner beauty that maybe can't be seen by all...............<br />
<br />
PS, can I buy one of your "in car" concert tapes, because I actually sing along to Abba & anything by the Beatles, even if I do look like Eric Clapton! (it's fkin true I tell you!!!)

Yes...yes....THANK YOU! You call yourself a Gentleman you are not wanted,stay away from my stories You are a predator, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Thank You again for your VOICE!.lol

I like the way you think. Good job!


Right on =)

Very well said,<br />
Take Care,<br />

You are awsome! I like the way you handle things. And I'm glad you realize their are more than creepy people, freaks and scurvy pirates on here. Hope you feel better. You should. Well put. And I don't blame you for expecting respect.