Im A Tomboy And A Gamer Whos The Odd One Not Me Me Chapter 3

I play videow games so what.Alot of girls do.Guys say us girls cant play.Rounge!Guess what their just afriad to get their stugots witch means stupitd *** in itallan.Im african american,spanish,and japaneas.I can kick *** 247 no matter what.People call me odd i care and dont care.I have alot of boy-FRIENDS!They dont ditch me like the girls do.I just dont understand them.Both girls and boys.Boy fight alot and their the ones who came up with wor and bad sh it.And girls all they can think about is boys well not all of them but most.And who the hell whats gosip we are to blame.Like on "sopeopras"and 91210 the updaeted virsion.Im the one of the youngist on ep im 11 im machor for my age.It doesent matter to me i have probs 2 right?And stay toond with me
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Nov 26, 2012