Tired Of The Discrimination, Tired Of Money Being Wasted, Just So...so Tired.

This isn't the first time Cannabis has been legal in this country, during the prohibition common everyday Americans would use Marijuana as a substitute for liquor.
Hemp and Cannabis only started proving a problem for this country when the Logging Companies realized the multiple uses for Hemp and Cannabis. From making paper, or rope, making clothing, and even has the potential of being used as plastic or a fossil fuel.
And as we know when powerful businesses don’t like something, they can usually get something done about it... especially when all that stands in their way is one small plant.

The discrimination against Hemp and Cannabis started as a State to State basis, either making it illegal or selling it with warning labels, labeling it as a poison. And then fully criminalized in 1937.
So since it was already "PROFITABLE" at one point in time in this countries history, its rather apparent we will see a rise in profit in Colorado. But just like back then it still causes issues with other profitable resources, such as the oil fields we see scattered across the state.

As far as U.S. Attorney John Walsh shutting down 57 Dispensaries in the state of Colorado and plans to shut down many more because of the Controlled Substances Act and how it puts a safe zone around schools. I completely agree with this and find no problem in it what so ever. However the deffinition of any drug is "Any chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise ENHANCE PHYSICAL or MENTAL well-being."
This pretains to any Narcotic or any other controlled substanses we find at our next door pharmacies or the liquor sold across the road at a gas station; Therefor these buisnesses would also be at fault for failing to meet the requirements for Controlled Substance Act. Dispenseries or no more than a pharmacy, just specializing in a certain type of medicine. Medical Marijuana Cards are distrubuted through a legal Doctor, making it impossible for any 'average joe' from obtaining said medication.

This is nothing more than John Walsh putting his foot down, and not for the state of Colorado. Discrimination, High Powered Attorney being paid off, or any other conspiracy theory you can come up with are probably more true than this mans concern about the 1,000 ft. boundries. How else can you explain someone unemploying so many people, only making a living off of filling someones prescription; And as of January 5th its legal for any one person in Colorado over the age of 21 to posses 1 ounce of Cannabis on their person at any given time and allowed to grow up to 6 plants..unfortunatly it is till Federally illegal. What exactly do the people living close to schools wanting to abide within A64 and want to consume Marijuana suppose to do, are they forced to vacate their homes?

I think my final point is this, Cannabis has never been controlled. The goverment spends Millions of dollars trying to fight the war against Cannabis alone, not to mention what they spend trying to fight other drugs..more addictive drugs. But look around, its still everywhere, wether it be legal or not. College students will posses it on campus, the dude walking by the school has it in his pocket; even your best friend could consume some sort of Cannabis and you wouldnt be the wiser. The uses of this plant have already been proven when this Country first started. It can boost our economy instead of ******* away millions trying to keep it illegal and out of peoples hands. You dont have to like it to realize that this is the truth, not everyone likes cigarrette's or tobacco; and they have been proven to cause more health risks then Cannabis.

Is the well being of our Nation and the residents of every state not a concern of ours?; Or is it finally time to let our Nation profit like it once did before and to finally get out of debt, to create thousands of jobs accross the United States, and to reduce the population of homeless people that has been increasingly on the rise.

Or do we want to live in a country controlled by the wealthy and the rest of our country is slowly reduced farther and farther into poverty.
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Jan 15, 2013