Roses For The Dancer

She comes to lay roses at his feet

knowing he would prefer she didn't

She stops to share another moment with him anyway

He had no idea his impact

The day he walked in with all the answers

All the days without him and never understanding

spun away when he spoke

She knew why he couldnt be there

She recognized the blessings of being lost and found.

The dancer came to lunch and asked, "How is your mother?"

Just the flow he held was all she needed to hear

And all the days they did have made up for every day lost

Days he sat and read Seuss and walked through the aquarium

Days they shared her children and art

Then one day he called and asked how to leave

And she came, the unknown, missing only the mask

To hear him called Charles and see the last book he would read

To kiss his cheek and hear him say I am glad we had some time

And the day he came to rest with the roses

she arrived alone after the other six left unaware

And laying the roses at his feet

She left with all he had given her
jenvice jenvice
46-50, F
Jan 19, 2013