A New Begining

This is a fresh start for me. New account, most likely same old attitude (would you have me any other way?)

As soon as EP gets off their azzes and deletes my old account I can shut the door on that chapter *taps foot*
Daevas Daevas
26-30, F
9 Responses Jan 31, 2013

Why did you create a new account?


Glad you're back too :-) I hope you're doing well and the little guy too!!!!

Good to see you are back!

Pretty good to be back.

Yay! good deal. Just need to know you are okay.

For the most part :)

Cool. I answered you in mail.......

Really? Here?


Grrr damn mail *checks*

LOL! yeah does the same shyte to me.

Bastards, resend?

oh.....old mail..... old one....

OH! Didn't even check that one. Okay.

Don't bother.. resent to your new one.

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who the **** are you.


Oh, welcome to the club.


Yep, shhhh.

yes em


lol goofy

Moi? Nah

yes em

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No, keep the attitude. You are attitude. Just remember, I can have quite a bad attitude too if I feel it coming my way :)


Well I try my best to have a bad attitude sometimes k?

I hope that you would like to get to know this Sweede.