The world is the way it is because of a series of choices made by people over many many years. Things don't just happen. Like me being indecisive about religion.... I'm choosing not to choose yet lol! If I gain weight, I made the choice to eat the crappy food and I made the choice to not work out. The funny thing is, is that people sometimes wait for things to happen. Make the choice and make things happen! So many people are so unhappy. You have the choice to change it. Are there roadblocks sometimes? Of course. Making the choice is half the battle.

     An example of a simple but effective choice- I woke up in an awful mood. My kids breathing was getting on my nerves and I started out the morning yelling at them. I took a step back, collected my thoughts and CHOSE to stop being a b*tch. I felt better instantly.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Agreed. Control your destiny rather than letting the world control you.

thanks guys...