A Mothers Point of View

I would like to tell you about my son who is a volunteer in Nepal. Nepal is between China and India We live in Ontario Canada so he is a very long way from home. He  has been there since November  2008.

 He spent two months in class to learn a little of the language. He was than sent to live with a family that spoke no English at all in a very small town called Chunko Bessi. They were very poor.  His assignment was to teach them English.The school was very small and had no supplies.It had no books,paper,pencils,nothing.  He painted the alphabet on the wall to get them started until he could get to the next city to get a few supplies for them. They were thrilled with everything he did,to just look in his back pack was exciting to them.

One of the young boys in the family decided to be Gord my son's care giver.There was no inside plumbing of course so he would cometo take him to the washroom and bring him back at night. He was afraid that he might fall off the cliff that was close by. He watched Gord closely to see if there was anything he could do for him.Gord finds the children beautiful, caring and in spite of everything happy.

At this time he's working in Durhan with the HIV and AID's patients.This is a very big concern in Nepal.

We miss Gord but we all know this is what he was meant to do.

A Mothers point of view. 

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A true individual is measured not by what he achieves, but what he does for others! Your son went in and started completely from scratch, and made a real difference, one person at a time. There is no more of a selfless act, than to teach, and be taught in a foreign environment, and succeed, as he obviously has. Thank you for bringing this experience to light, and please keep us updated. What a wonderful feel good story!!!

I have been so touched by the response I received from<br />
all of you very caring people<br />
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I will keep in touch about his experiences in Nepal and<br />

It takes special people to do the things your son has chosen to do, he will make a difference in this world, the people in Nepal will remember him for the rest of their lives......he will give them a vision of Canadian People, one that they will always hold in high regard.......he is a special man and as said above, you should be proud and understand that you helped him become this wonderful person. thank you for sharing your story......


Thanks everyone for your kind comments