I haven’t written much lately but I have to air my views about how I see our headlines in the world these days. I sometimes feel we are in the end times of humanity. Every other creature had their time on the planet. We are no exception. The only difference is that we are born a violent animal. We have been killing each other off since the Cain killed Abel. We are polluting and killing our planet. But guess what? The planet doesn’t care if we are here or not. We can throw as many nukes as we want, drain every river and ocean, cut down every tree. The planet doesn’t care. It will go on without us and some new form of life will carry on. We need to rethink about who we are. Instead of concentrating on saving the planet, we need to rephrase that to saving humanity.
I have complaints about the world in this day:
1. Ferguson – Here we go again!!!! Another George Zimmerman case! Come on! NONE of us know the facts surrounding this. Yet instantly this officer is a racist killer. Seriously? I am not defending him nor am I condemning him. Again. If this was a black officer killing a white boy would we have heard about this????? No. Thank you news media for inciting hatred and violence once again. Why can’t we look at the bigger picture here? What about the black on black violence? Why can’t we looked the breakdown of the family unit? The sub standard education that afflicts many of the inner city schools. Where are the fathers of these young men who are thugs? Perhaps educating young people on how to act when confronted will help with some of this?
2. IRAQ – I just throw my hands up with this and the ISIS. I have ALWAYS been against this war from the start. Now once again, sticking our nose into others business turns into a mess. But I suppose now we are going to have be involved to clean this up what we created. But it’s strange when I see we NOW have a common interest with our OTHER enemies like Syria and Iran? Not sure where this one is going to lead too………………..
3. Israel and Palestine – Where do I start??????? Well first of all I am a staunch supporter of Israel. This little war they and HAMAS are going through is NEVER going to end. On the other end, I have friends that are Palestinian. They are a people without a country. Everybody treats them like garbage. I can understand their frustrations. They are angry. I don’t blame them. But their anger gets worse and worse as this war goes on. Many dying. But I feel they should rise up as a people and get HAMAS out of their territory. HAMAS is who is provoking this mess. HAMAS is who wants the bloodshed. HAMAS is who is bent on the destruction of Israel. Everybody is saying that Israel needs to stop! Really??? They are doing the right thing.
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Our planet dont need Us,its the other way around. Chernobyl is a great example of that. Plants and animals are starting to flourish there with no deformations.The best thing is Humans cant touch them because They are radioactive!
Iraq?Perhaps,it was wrong to ever go there in the 1st place.However maybe the worst thing We did was to not finish the job! Some of Our generals warned that There would be civil war there if We pulled out too soon.Odumba would not listen.Dos He really think Our boots will never touch the ground? I have a GED and I know better than that! Hell! (errrrrr) even Iraq officials asked Him to wait a little longer!I figure well be back and it will be worse.
Hamas? Omg! Your right.The people of Palestine need to take it upon themselves to oust Hamas.

You hit the nail right on the head!!!!! Welcome to the fall of man kind. We are doomed I feel.

Edwin Starr sang it best in 1969 ...."War....what is it good for? Absolutely nothing...."
You're right...we are at war with nature...there's war on the streets....warring countries. It's been going on since the dawn of time and we just don't learn from the past which is what we try to teach our kids. I can't watch the news...CNN makes me puke...what a life!!!

Thanks for that. I just on MSN describing "racially charged" shooting. Wow. It never ends.

Nope....and the media feeds off it....it's all sickening.

In the mean time...Obama sends holder out too keep the calm.....

Ain't that sending in the wolves to watch the hens!!!!

I only worry for My Daughters and GKs

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Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you for putting my thoughts down in actual words, instead of me having to just pace around throwing my hands in the air and sputtering in frustration.... *grins*

Just get tired of all the BS! Thanks for your comment.

HG is real good at saying what were all thinking.

lol.. I see that. *smiles*

Wow! Are You sure we aint Kin? Id like to say more and I will but time is short this Morning..

I'll be waiting for your response my brother!