Just Cause You Are

whatever doesn't give you a free pass with doing your job.

Now that I got that out of the way let me explain.

Background - I am not prejudiced against a color, race, religon.  I may agree or not agree with you on all views.  That does not mean that I am singling you out if we are working together. 

If you are hired to do a job and work with me then I fully expect you to be able to do that job and do it correctly.  I am witness in both seeing and hearing of people who get a job and then they do a half way job in getting it done.  I am having to do my job and your job to cover both our butts.

I find that very upsetting in the fact that a co-worker gets in with the supervisor and then because of their friendship, the co-worker does their job only half way thinking that they don't need to do more. 

Leaving crap undone and projects left for others to finish off because they were too busy talking to the supervisor about how their weekend was or who is screwing who this week.

Now I try very hard in my job to get all of the things done in a day that need to be done, if I need to stay late then it is on me.  If it can be put off till tomorrow then I will finish it off tomorrow, but if it needs to be done today it will be done and not left for someone else to clean up my mess.

What has set me off on this rant for today?

My wife has a co-worker that doesn't do the job that she was hired for, she comes into work and puches in then takes and hour to walk the 5 minutes to get up to the front of the store, then when she gets up there she has to go to the bathroom for 20 minutes, then taking an extra 20 minutes to 40 minutes on a lunch.

Meantime with this person being a CSM and responsible for cashier breaks, getting money, doing refunds, and a hundred other things, my wife has to cut her breaks and lunches short to cover for her lack of doing her job.  It is BS.

If my wife does take her full lunch then the breaks and rotations that are suppose to happen while she is gone for the hour lunch doesn't get done then when my wife comes back from her lunch she now has twice the amount of work to do before she can leave.

The managers have been told numbers times about this practice by this CSM and the supervisors have also been told.  Yet upper management does nothing to resolve the situtation, why?  Who knows, it could be that she is black, oh sorry african american, or it could be that she is fat, oh sorry weight challenged. 

I don't know why they won't resolve the issue by following their own policies but in the mean time do the eff'in job that you were hired to do!  Don't make more work for your co-workers by not doing your job and leaving it for them to clean up your mess.

Okay rant done.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

It starts with the management and trickles down from there about following policy.<br />
<br />
If upper management doesn't support middle management then why would middle even want to try anymore.

I find that it's contagous, many co-workers don't seem to really do the job that they are hired for and the company doesn't follow their own rules unless it suites them. It bites.