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Scream More Like!!!

The only something I have to say right now is that I want to scream soooooo bad!!!!! I was in a great mood earlier and now, for little reason, I am not, not at all!!!!

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 8 Responses Oct 14, 2007

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Do you suffer from writing inadequacy?

Thanks chips, thanks everyone =]

completely understand why you would feel that way..i would too.

Thanks - I'll try =(

I know he loves me - kind of. We went through a really rough patch just before he went away, we split up for about two months (we've only been married a year), we sort of got things back on track but its not as strong as it could or should be, I guess thats why I'm a little more insecure at the moment. =*(

you arent being petty...My ex was miitary and he was once delpoyed for an entire year.....a very long entire year!<br />
<br />
Those fears are normal. Just have to trust your man to need only one pen pal....YOU!<br />
<br />
Your totally ok girl....i do understand

Oh don't ask lol!!! I'm just being an idiot!! Okay well as you asked - I know it will seem petty but never mind lol!!!<br />
<br />
I was looking for email penpals when this site comes up for women who want to email soldiers when they are away - and another site for dating soldiers. My husband is away right now and it just worries me that there are all these women who just want to talk, write and mail them. I hate his job sometimes I really do. I sometimes hate these women who want to write to soldiers too - I know that most have good intentions but I just scared I'll lose him to some idiot that tries writing to him *sigh* I told you I was being petty!!!

whats wrong armywife?