Don't You Dare Lecture Me On Manners !!

How dare you lecture me on manners you wrote the story about rude people and some person who wouldn't move out of the way on a sidewalk then you the only problem is you then tell us you live in NYC

Then you proceed to block me because i tell you its new york if you don't like it move

And why did i say that, because new york is known for its rude people i know that and i DON'T live there i also know those are some mean streets there

If you don't like it you should move try the midwest if it upsets you so much not come on a website and whine because a place known for rudeness acts just as it has a reputation to

and you don't block someone just because they tell you so and claim to have some high road as it pertains to manners

tulick tulick
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

it constantly happens for petty **** like this you should read my story in the group i am tired of the over use of the block button