Untrue Yet True.

Someone wrote this in the interweb:

"When we were younger, and less in the know about how relationships worked, we threw everything into the mix. All our passion, all our hearts, everything right up front. There is a reason those youthful romances crash and burn, even after an epic, meteoric rise. It’s because when you throw everything in at once, with no regard for your heart and your soul, giving every part of you with little regard for your own emotional well-being, those relationships are rarely the kind that provide any of us with the kind of long lasting, true, and real affection and care that we really need. Now we are thirty, and we’ve learned. Take things slower, make wiser decisions, don’t show your cards all at once."

I've always wondered why 'youthful' romance is the only type of romance being identified to 'crash and burn'. Even when you're thirty, forty, fifty and so on, there is still that risk that a relationship would fall apart however slow you take things, however wise you think your decisions are and whether or not you show all your cards at once.

I guess I'm just too bitter to accept that this person is right. But isn't it conflicting though? Because when I love someone, I love the person. No catches, no strings attached, boundless. I try to show them that I love them in anyway I can. I don't hold back on how I feel when I am certain that they care and love me too. I don't really know where I'm getting at here... I guess I just didn't want to be guilty of giving 'everything right at front'. I loved a person with all my heart. I hoped and thought they would not use, tear and break it into pieces but I guess people just.... ''fall out of love''.
I guess when I love someone, I am bound to get hurt. It would always be me stagnating in the ditch, unable to move when they eventually decide to break and fly beyond me... and that's because I give everything at once.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Uhmm... I'm with you there... When I fall in love, I don't try to hold back.... I'm laying all my cards and I always give it at its best... hoping that they would still want it and choose to stay even at its worse...<br />
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No relationship is perfect, one way or another you're gonna have some High's and Low's and you're gonna end up hurting each other intentionally or not...but if you really love each other you're not just going to walkaway when things go wrong... you're going to stay and fight and you'll be willing to be patient and try to work things out...