Another 'postive Attitude' Approach

found from the interweb again... i think it's worth sharing:

"There are many reasons why people are being dumped. You would never know if a relationship can last as it may look fine at the moment. But whatever may be the reason, you need to get over the bad experience as soon as you can. Life presents its own challenges to face in different forms. This is just one of the challenges that you need to face to get over it. These challenges would ultimately make you a stronger person thus you should face them boldly. You should think that whatever happens in life happens for a good reason.

The pain of being dumped is unbearable. People say that it is easier to bear the pain of separation because of death as compared to the pain of being ditched or dumped.

When you get dumped it gives the feeling that you are unacceptable to the other person. You should never blame yourself for such a situation. You should also not feel ashamed of yourself. You need to think that the other person was simply not compatible to you. The feeling of guilt and shame are killing in nature and take you the dearth of depression. You should try to have a positive attitude towards life. Believe that life brings new hopes and opportunities everyday. You need to forget you past to grab these opportunities. Being dumped is direct mark to your self-esteem. To regain your self esteem you need to get over whatever happened and try getting into a brand new healthy relationship. This would immensely increase your self confidence.

You should think that you fell for a wrong person. The person never deserved you as he/she left your precious love. It is very rightly said that love is blind. When we are in love we are not able to see any flaw in the other person. The highs of love are amazingly strong and the person feels like being in heaven at east for some time. But when this dream crashes the pain goes beyond the limits of the depth of the heart.

Love can happen again if you can open the doors of your heart again for someone more deserving than the previous person. Life does not end with one relationship. We meet new people every day you never know if you meet someone whom you can fall for again. It was just another phase of life which came once and now it is gone. Life has its own pace and it never stops.

You should also keep on moving with the pace of life. You should try to have a positive attitude towards life. Attitude is what matters. You should not waste your time thinking what and why it happened. There are many other things need to be accomplished. There are so many new opportunities waiting. You need to make yourself ready for these by forgetting your bitter past.

Life is not a bed of roses. People separate and got dumped happen all the time. In this war of life, the winner is the person who gives a good fight to all these problems. Every human being is unique in his/her own way. You also have some qualities which unique. You should get over with all the past memories. Thus get over it and start a new life afresh with a positive attitude and you will see good charms coming back to you."

I will get to that stage. Eventually.

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May 11, 2012