Scattered Pieces

I need help
The same problem
I can't breather
M just sorta crashing
As if my world is falling apart
All hopes dead
Everythin gone
Nothin that there is for me
Nowhere that i belong to
Who am i ..i don't know
What m i doin idea
Take me to a ride to my past
Will you?
ok no probs..
You sir? hmm..its okay ..
Ma'am? no worries...
God? oh sorry u just don't exist
By the way can i ask you why did u .?
oh okay..yeah right ..u din't exist ;)
Yeah i have my angel...
Thanks angel...see how bad i am doing...
U did all u could but i m just...
Don't have them
Family? dissipated
Happiness? devastated
Heart? stoned
Tears? finished
yes i want no more breaths..
but my mom..yeah i want to live for you mom......
But how to live?
Where does the tunnel end?
Is there even light at the end?
Is there even an end?
Oh it even a tunnel?
I am a cancerous disease that has got no remedy..
Damn...yeah right.. i am damned...
I thought i was strong..
hell i m not even weak
Is there anythin that will comfort me?
Is there anythin that will get me goin? m stuck..u feel me???
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Jan 13, 2013