Rape Fantasy Fulfilled

After peering thru the window at your sleeping form on the couch I carefully sneak in the front door. I am very glad that you left the door unlocked for me tonight. And that I gave you a few days in a row to leave it unlocked. I know this is gonna be a real surprise for you. I take a mental inventory of my supplies as I sneak towards you. Thinking back to our past conversations I know you will enjoy this immensely. I carefully reach your side without making a noise to wake you. I know you are a fairly heavy sleeper but I would rather be cautious. I carefully take the rope out and check the knots in the moonlight that comes thru the windows. Outwardly I appeared calm but inside I was nervous, this is my first time doing anything like this.
I take the loops and place them loosely around your wrists one at time and then put a loose tie around the foot pegs of the couch. Then take the other 2 ropes and fasten them to your ankles and do the same to the other side. I quickly tie them off so you will have about 6 inches or so of movement to your feet. I then move to your arms and gently, slowly move then to the arm of the couch and then tie off your left wrist first, since it was in the air to begin with. Your right wrist I move to up your chest slowly until I have it resting on the arm as well. Your wrists have some lateral movement but no vertical so you won't be able to reach for me at all. Next comes the hardest part of all. I remove the blindfold and gag from the backpack I brought with me. I move up and place it over your eyes and slowly place the band on the back of your head, but I have moved your head too much and I hear the startled gasp from your mouth. I quickly let go of the band as my hand moves to your mouth as you suck in air to scream. I position the gag quickly and remove my other hand and shove it in as your scream starts and abruptly ends. You start to struggle and I move around watching you squirm and check the ties. I pull your leg up to the back of the couch and tie it off again. Then move your other leg off the couch and tie it as well so your legs are spread. The arms I now have pulled up over the arm of the couch and there is no way you can get away or move much now. I can hear your pathetic cries for help but the gag effectively stops them from more than 5 or 10 ft away and they are very low sounding from that far anyway.
I go to the back pack and take the voice changer out and move over to the couch still watching your attempts to move, looking for any signs of the ropes getting loose. I grab your blanket and pull it away from you. You have a t-shirt and shorts on as your pajamas. I chuckle softly so low that you probably can’t hear me. I take my medical scissors from the side pocket of the back pack and move towards you. Putting the voice emitter up to my lips I say to you, "Don’t move, hold still or you will get cut."
Your struggling abruptly stops and I take hold of your shorts leg and start to cut quickly up the side and then over to the other side. And start to cut again. "Please don’t! I will do anything you say! Please don’t do this!" I hear thru the gag as it doesn’t stop your voice from short range at least, well worth the money invested.
Once I have your shorts removed, it's my turn to get ready, I can see your panties are slightly damp already, whether from your dreams or from what I have done to you remain to be seen. I move next to you and run my hand down the side of your face and down to your chest, I can see your hard nips poking at your shirt already, and then down to your belly. ‘I think you are enjoying this if I'm not mistaken." I say to you, as you squirm more, your breasts are shaking under your shirt so I know you are braless.
I place the voice emitter on the back of the couch and then reach for the neckline of your shirt as you continue to wiggle trying to loosen your bonds. I grasp hold of your shirt and ripping it straight down the middle, exposing your chest to my view for the first time. I slide my hands down to your **** and cup them in my hands as you start to struggle even more. I free one of your **** and grab the voice box, "Okay you ******* *****, stop struggling and this will be much better for both of us."
You stop struggling as much as my hand returns to your **** and starts its ministrations again. With both my hands grabbing your **** and pawing them harshly, moving quickly up to your nipples where I pull on them and pinch them hard, eliciting a sharp gasp from you. "You like that don’t you ****? I'm gonna **** you so hard **** you will be feeling it for days."
With that I move down to your panties, you are wearing a little pink thong that doesn’t really cover much at all and with a quick pull on both sides it is gone. I then move back up and finish ripping your shirt off so now I gaze down at your naked body. I can see your **** free and laying back against your body, your nipples hard pointing towards the ceiling. Then on down to your bald *****, your lips slightly open and some of your arousal very apparent. I slide my hand down between your spread legs my fingers sliding up along your ***** lips spreading them apart. You whimper as my finger brushes against your ****. I then rub you **** with my finger watching as your hips *** up off the couch straining for your **** to keep contact with my finger.
"You are one hot little ***** you know that. You are enjoying the hell out of this aren't you, you ******* little ****." my altered voice comes out talking to you.
I then return to the back pack and dig around in there for a few other things I have brought along just with you in mind. I take out the little silver chain and its attachments, and the double eggs, chuckling to myself as I think of what this is gonna do to you, now that you are my captive and I can do what I want to you.
Moving back over to you I take you nipple in my mouth and suck it to make it even harder, and then I slide the clamp on and tighten it up. Your back arches as you feel the pain begin to move thru your body as the blood is diminished to your nipple. I then move over to your other nipple and do the same, and you once again you arch as a moan comes from the gag as your body belies your fear of me your unknown assailant.
"That feel good *****, huh?" I say to you as I slap your face hard enough to turn your head. A loud moan comes from your lips as you turn your head back to its normal position.
I move my hand down between your legs again feeling how wet your ***** is getting. You are soaking wet as the thoughts run thru your head as I am beginning to use you for my own pleasure. I slide my 2 fingers in your wet *****, and you arch your hips against me, trying to make me finger **** your *****. I move my fingers in and out a few times to get them nice and wet, and say to "You want me to make you *** don’t you, you little ****. Well too bad I'm not ready for you to *** yet you little *****. I will let you *** when I want you too and you will not *** before that understood you ******* *****."
Nodding your head in agreement and a muffled yes comes from your lips. My free hand lands hard on the side of your face as I slap you again. "What *****? What the **** did you say?" I ask you.
"Yes, sir" the muffled reply comes.
"That’s a good ****. You know your place already. Someone trained you right I can see." I say to you, "And you know **** we got all the time in the world to play around. We can do this all night if I want too."
You moan and squirm as that thought invades your fear stricken mind. I remove my fingers from your wet ***** and move them down to your ******* and begin to lube it up with my wet fingers. And push one soaked finger in your ***, wiggling it around to stretch you out. Picking up the double egg, I take the smaller one and slide it inside your socking ***** getting it all nice and wet. You moan thru the gag as you feel the penetration. Taking the wet egg out and moving my finger out of your ***, I put the egg against your ******* and slowly push it in your ***. You try moving your hips up and away. My open hand comes down hard on your belly, forcing you to expel a lot of air from your lungs, and a loud slap resounds in the air as I push you back down to the couch. I then continue to push the egg in your *** until it disappears, only the cord hanging out. The slightly larger egg, I leave lying on the cushion of the couch, and get up.
You lay there moving slightly still testing your bonds and trying to push the egg out of your bowls, your breath coming in gasps as the pleasure begins to flood your body. A gentle vibration has started in your *** as the egg begins to hum. Satisfied for the moment with your reactions I move to your kitchen and to the freezer getting out a tray of ice cubes chuckling quietly to myself as I think of the sweet torture you are going thru. My hand strays to my zipper and I rub my **** thru my jeans as my hard-on pushes against the material begging for release.
When I return I can hear your moans as I approach seeing you wiggle as the egg in your *** on its lowest setting begins to do its job by starting to push you to a higher level of arousal. I take the first ice cube and kneel beside you and begin to rub the ice cube over your neck. "Now **** if I take the gag out are you gonna be quiet? Cause if you don’t I won't be so nice to you and the gag will go back in."
"Yes sir, I will be quiet." You answer.
I remove your gag. And then I place the first ice cube in your mouth and tell you to suck on it. You take the slowly melting ice cube and put it in your mouth letting the water trickle down your throat, I then pick up another cube and start again at your neck and begin to run the cube down your body.
Down the front of your throat, down the valley between your ****, all the way down to your belly button. I pick up the half melted cube then move it to your aching nipples and bathe them with the melting cube, and then tighten up the clamps as your nips shrink a bit and grow even harder.
Once the cube is gone I stand up and ***** off my shirt and pants, finally freeing my aching hard ****. I move my hard **** against your lips and your quickly swivel your head towards it opening up your lips to take it in your mouth. I then grab the larger egg and with one hand slide it in your ***** as your cold mouth wraps your lips around the head of my ****. We both moan as my **** enters your mouth and the egg enters your hot wet *****. Your tongue post is cold against the bottom side of my **** as you run your tongue around the base of the head.
The egg slides easily inside you and I grab the remote and turn it on low as I sink my **** deeper in your mouth. Your mouth opens wider as you feel the eggs vibrating in your ***** and ***. "You like that don’t you *****. You like having all three of your holes filled. Gads you're a ******* *****. That’s it take my **** down your throat, ****." I say to you as I sink my **** all the way in.
My hand grabs your hair and I start to thrust my **** in and out of your mouth, ******* your face. My other hand moves to your **** and I begin to rub it as the vibration of the eggs run thru your body, causing you to moan even louder as I use you the way you want me too. I watch your body's reaction and know you have an ****** rapidly approaching as your moans also begin to grow in volume and frequency. "You want to *** *****. You want to *** for me, huh you ******* ****. Show me that you are nothing but a ******* *****, *** *****!" I say as I turn both eggs up to full speed.
Your back arches and you tear your mouth away from my **** as the ****** hits with a huge vengeance. "Oh ****, I'm *******" you scream as your words die away in to a very loud moan and your body begins to shake with the strength of the ******. Wave after wave of passion hits you like a runaway train as you experience a very intense multiple ******. After about 30 seconds of *******, your body flops back down on the couch, your breathing is very heavy and you gasp in large amounts of air. You whole body twitches as your muscles are still in overload from the mind blowing ******.
"Now it's time for you to get ****** *****, I'm gonna **** you like the little ***** that you are." I say to you as I move between your spread legs and position my **** to slide inside you.
You moan loudly and say" Yes please **** me I want to feel your hard **** inside me."
I place the head of my **** at your entrance after pulling the egg out of you. And then without any warning I slam home deep in your ***** all the way to the hilt, my balls slapping against your *** with the violent thrust. I put my arms up under your legs and grab your thighs and start to slam home deep inside you, as the vibrations of the egg in your *** are felt against my ****.
You move your body back against my thrusts as you feel another huge ****** building inside you again. My hand reaches your throat and grips it squeezing as I continue to slam in your *****, my own ****** quickly building. As my hand grabs your hair it pushes you to the edge keeping you right on the brink. "That’s it you ******* *****; you know you love having a hard **** deep inside you, now *** all over my **** ****."
You are just heading over the edge of one of the biggest climaxes of your life when you feel the blindfold being jerked off your head and you see me for the first time. Your body then practically explodes in a huge ****** as your vision to seeing and knowing who your assailant is. Then the chain is pulled from your nipples causing the feeling to flow back into them intensifying your ****** even more. My **** starts to shoot inside your ***** at about the same time driving you even higher. Our mutual screams of ****** shake the glass in the living room as we *** hard together. Your ***** milking every drop of *** from my **** as you feel what must be a gallon of *** inside you.
Our ******* subside as I collapse on your chest, my lips seeking yours out and kissing you hard. We are both so weak we cannot move. Drained completely we fall asleep with me laying on top of your bound body, my **** softening deep inside your *****.
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That made my ***** soaking wet! Awesome :)