Schoolgirl Roleplay

I used to live with 'N', a cute little 20-year old with red hair and fantastic big ****. I had never spanked anyone before, sexually, but she turned me on to it right away. The very first night I met her she laid on my lap and insisted I spank her. It was really awkward, but then she said "If you expect to **** me tonight you'd better do better than that". So I beat her *** pretty good, then, and when she got turned on enough she kept her promise.

She loved that I wore a tie to work, and I knew it would be a good evening if I came home and she was in her schoolgirl outfit and pretending to study. I used to tie her hands behind her back with my necktie, or sometimes around her throat, and beat her half silly with my belt or her hairbrush.

'N' was great at roleplaying, when I had pushed her limits as far as I could, I would drag her into the bedroom by her hair and 'rape' her. She never had the strength to really fight back by that point, but she would cry and wail while I rammed my **** into her or made her suck it. I can remember how good it was to feel her tears on my **** or running down my legs while I ****** her mouth. She would have these awesome chain *******, sometimes 7 in a row.

So now, although I 'do' have rape fantasies, etc, it usually also involves spanking as well.

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2 Responses Apr 2, 2010

i liked it too but not too hard the spanking the rest is awesome that is actually when of my personal fav fantasy

Love seeing girls roleplaying in her school uniforms. Also getting a good spanking and some fun after lol. Like your story thanks for posting it.