Ocular Powers

We all have ocular powers. It is easy to use them. For example when you are happy your eyes are shining and you can see the true face of many things.

And when you are mad you see darkness and nothing more.... you are posesed by your own furry.


Well...  Let me tell yousomething.

Heve you ever wondered... If when we are happy our eyes are shining... Then.... If we try to make our eyes shining... then we will be happy?


See what I am trying to say?

The way that we are looking influence our fellings.


Whats your oppinion about this?



Gheata Gheata
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I think that is a very good point

When you're happy or see something or someone you like, you're pupils dilate (get bigger) so you can take it in better, it's subtle, but that way you can indeed see if someone likes what they see hahaha. :P

I have never heard of this one, I wonder why eyes had shine to them. I assumed it was the light bouncing off the eyes.

My girlfriend has noticed that my eyes change color according to my mood. I don't mean like they go from blue to hazel, nothing drastic. The part of my eyes that changes is the outside of my iris (I should probably mention that my eyes are green/hazel but mostly green). We have noticed that when I'm in a good mood the outside of my iris's changed to a deep blue color and the rest of my eye color is brighter. I occasionally ask her if my eyes are brighter when i'm happy and then I'll go look in the mirror and sure enough they are. In the morning when I wake up (when i don't have any particular mood) I'll look at my eyes and they are just dark green and there is not any sign of blue. Is this kinda what you're talking about? If not share your thoughts

Your iris expand when you are relaxed so that you can see more, and contracts when you hate/have dark feelings so that you can focus on only 1 thing: your enemy/whatever. What I meant is: If you try to see beauty in everything, that will change you into good.

Yes. Love and acceptance go hand in hand... As well as fear and rejection. Take care to lead your life in a healthy direction.

Yes, it's for real!

Is this for real? Like no joke

Quite cool. Does it hurt?

I can releas biological waves through my eyes, (sixth sens)

I can releas biological waves through my eyes, (sixth sens)

that's great! How do you feel when you are using it?

i have the power to change tempreture in a room

agreed my eyes glow whenever my healing powers are active. it uses positive happy energy.