Dream Foresight

in 897 days i cold be next was shown to me in a dream about someon rising above and becoming a hero to the world. it just happens to be november 10th 2012 that it would go down. one month before the disaster that could happen. we may need to mass a special forces unit in the future so if you have any unique powers and wish to share by all means do so. i am quite serious about this and actually deja~vu'ed this. for those that don't know that i saw this in a dream a while back.
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I'll be waiting at the address i start counting the 8 days tomorrow

except if you dont come to me and fight me

youll have no fight. and since you want to fight you have to oblige your words. im thinking of banning you because the bullying will stop. and i can report you all i want as each death threat was reaised in defense of your fight you want. and also ill ruin you when we fight upstairs. sadly the only glimpse of heaven you will have.

Notice address your response isn't close is it?

Banning helps the reality come out, run away kiddo if you want.
My address is there

Oh an I've issued no death threats remember you keep doing that.

but the address is fake and i told you your fight only comes if you come to me. you dont have the power to fight me if you cant man up and come at me. other than that your the second person to cause enough bullying to cuase an adverse reaction. banning you will be possible because so many will help. and no the threat was clear you wanted to fight and each death threat responds to your fight post. . besides i dont have to worry about ep they still owe me an explanationfor not addressing the original threat you represented. since they did not address a a concern it grew to death threats and what ever else i plan on doing. so if you press on ep they cant say i didnt do anything outside of defending myself. while on the other hand youve continued to bully and troll me causing alot of trouble for no reason. you have no quarrel and are not following conduct. banning you is simple at this point. so bother me or leave me alone. either way im pressing on with the process. and this counts even furthrer pegging into the old case with sheangel i can still press because you continued the bullying in her stead for her. at least that is how its seen publicly. so now i have grounds for legal action on both of you. and again i must say things protect me legally so if you want to lose again. go ahead. and if anybody wants to stick up for you they will be tagged pro bully. i know how things work.

Actually i never said death you a strivax did i said fight lol if truly felt like you we're bullied why not block me so i can't post?
I'm quoting this for the group.
So if address is fake to which it's not an you want me to come to you (implying you want this not feel threatened) what are leaving out of each message.

because you threatened me and will take action if i do. regardless im backed into a corner. you seem to forget about that thing you said about ruinign my account. but saying it the way you said it is under grounds for cyber crime. regardless i cannot block you because i fear my account will be destroyed by you. since you said that i can continue . and you dont deny being iinvolved with sheangel if she is not involved you may want to prove it.

Actually i said id post what said on your groupsan make group for you, being that's a lot death threats i would say helpful knowledge not harming helping.

I'm actually not single bro those she's very attractive.
A cyber crime like when you said you could track down people on a public forum?
actually you forget blocking is blocking how could i then harm something I'm not trying to?

An he is offering a death threat

and your challenging me so come at me dumbass. ive been waiting for someone to be smart but obviously always rely on morph to be that guy. and yes you still saidn you would destroy my account and because youve continued to bother me i can say youve been quite the bully. i offer the death threat only becausde you offer the challenge. you still dont understand . since you challenged me you still have to follow my words and come at me. the death threat i offerered was made clearly to say i would kill you for challenging me.

i never challenged you just took up your challenge so lose by default but i dont need to say anything else. youve ruined your chances of finding me though so you might as well have lost because i dont have to give a bully my address. its rather wise not to.

i never offered a challenge and somewhow crafting one would be difficult as why would i need to listen to you when your obligated to listen to my demands. so it looks like youve lost. im not givving my address to some bully who will then send a bomb. its a threat to even fathom doing this again. and as for what you said about finding people i dont know address or map data on people. merely i sent energy to them and can track that. teh energy beingmetaphysical is rather impossible to detect by anything but the person who sent it.

you challenged me so man up. havent i said this already.

I actually had nothing to do with this though I find it all highly amusing. Also sage I will tell you this right now. By all means take me to court. You have no personal info about me. No name no location and no jurisdiction. YOU sent me death threats. YOU attempted to blackmail me on several attempts. One being I would you were going to kill me if I didnt agree with you. The other being you were going to charge me (which you cant because you have no legit charge) unless I apologized for having an opinion. Truth is your just a coward.

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Seems you lied about having this power

it seems you dont get context. but if one were to have understood the disaster was supposed as stated and i have seen the person in another set of dreams. i just havent said anything. its not like anybody cared about the post. except for gheata. but he knows something now. whether or not he believes it he knows a different side of me. one who has accomplished these feats. its not him though. somthing did end up happening and i met someone by chance around that date named sidahnsu. hes very special to this whole world. in a way he is a hero for his deeds have great impact. i was actually right.

Yeah it's called you failed now your making up for it.

no i was right you ****** your just afraid to admit it. your time for slander has arrived yeild or face the depth and penalties. perhaps if sudahnsu were to come and comment about his actions things would be different but he is very busy and works hard unlike me who barely tries and accomplishes tasks with moderate success. i was right and again you wont accept my fight request and you wanted to fight which shows you lack the balls to fight. albeit you have to come to me as it is only fair. you wanted to fight now come at me, accept your death.

you are so feeble and weak. you take the truth and call it lies and take lies and call it truth. you are a shadow in more ways than one. an oppposite, the lack of, a mark placed on everyones actions. you always appear like a troll and continue to moniter theeir posts as the the shadow you are.

Okay you said no to mine now claiming you've put one forward.
So big darkness is homophobia, nice figures kiddo.
As monitor i have smartphone with unlimited net you've got public posts, put the two together you get easy.

You have psych eye your just wishing.

so you deny that you wanted to fight me then. your such a liar. afraid to fight even when you baost that you wanted to, your weak and pathetic and dont think people arent getting involved youd be suprised at what is about to happen. but since you wante to fight me and yet deny you wanted to fight me you thus are a liar proven simply by the fact. otherwise you have no honor or morals or care to your wolf pride. you can swallow now. everyone will know you squirmed in the face of real battle.

Unless I'm confused you've got my address on your white board I'm clearly waiting, i think your backing down here claiming what?
Unless I'm wrong kiddo you've gotten everything you need I'm awaiting this horrible death you keep threatening.
I'll fight boy in but to be sure you already back down once implying I'm inferior, I'm assuming that has changed but hey empty threats so brave.
I'm waiting.

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The time approaches. What should we do?

look theatonisher33 i am working my way to great power but im not sure if im good or bad yet im at a crossroads. If im evil i lose it all but see the world burn. If im good i fail and see the world burn anyhow. Whats your master plan here? what can be done?

I mean ... change bad persons to good. The world's ending doesn't come for nothing. It comes because people become evil and more evil and they don't even try to help each other. Change the people and you will chnange the world! Afther all we are the strongest mightiest and foolish creatures that live on this planet, aren't we?

you mean change the amount of people that think the worl d ends dec. 21 2012

Voilence gives birth to violence.<br />
<br />
A sickness is curing by healing the insides of the body, not the outsides.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I mean: don't search for a hero-team because that will only birth violence in the name of justice. Change how many persons you can to dely the world's ending.<br />
<br />
I will try to help you ;)

actually it would be november 21st 2012

So the hero will "fall"; you mean the hero will be evil?<br />
<br />
The world will come to an end anyway. Why should we even bother?

Why would we need a special forces-team?