Two Powers

When I meet a person Or will to see how people die like my granpa, when I was five I saw how he died and now he is dead from what I saw.
Plus I can talk and understand withb animals like when my aunts dog that I dont see often had her pups I could grab them while any other person could plus I could hear my aunts dog voice in my head saying be careful with her.
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maybe his brain can interpret the language of the animal, our brains are able to make us interpret many things.

im like that with cats but i have a queston for you for some reason you said when your aunts dog had the pups you were the only one who could pick them up well ummm actually you have to wait a while to pick them up about 4 months at the leaste and dogs dont have the biggest brain in the world although some have shock people they still do dumb things such as growl at there own leg while eatting food or well you dont want to hear the next one kinda gross cats dont either they cant talk to us because it would be pretty much impossible to learn there lanuguage because it doesnt come close to what we say and they cant learn are language and they cant talk to you in your head if so there grammer would be diffrent from ours and would be hard to understand although im good with cats and can tame the untamed they have never talked to me trust me when i was small i have tryed but didnt work they dont respond they have no idea what we are doing it probably sounds like gibberish to them

if a dog were to speak to you in your head it wouldnt sound the same to how we talk you have to admit dogs and cats do some pretty dumb things and arent that intellgent

Cool. :D