My Powers

I guess I've had my powers since I was around fourteen, they weren't so strong or noticeable back then, but in recent months that have grown faster then a forest fire in July. My primary power seems to be a tracking ability, the best example I can give is, when your playing a game, the sniper rifle often has a cross-hair. My power is similar, a circle appears in the right half of my vision and it has a cross-hair that travels from the top of my vision ranges to the bottom. The cross-hair focuses on anything that gives off heat or reflects light.

My other ability, if you can call it that, is a strange thing. On grey back grounds, such as the cloudy sky I see these little balls of sparkling energy. I don't know what it is. If anyone can help that would be awesome.
renkun555 renkun555
18-21, M
6 Responses Feb 11, 2012

Is the little sparkling in your hand because if thats a yes you have a psi ball in your hand

Hello, i to have special powers if u will and i am trying to getinto contact with others like me. Please contact me throught my profile anytime. Thanks.<br />

Little balls? I see little balls every where and there's a lot of them. And they keep moving. Like on tv, that black and white dots.

humans are shallow. Don't go to the medic, just trust your instincts and seek peace and quiet. Pray to God to help you discover how to use your powers, and don't overdo it.

the sparking energy could be a sign of electrical signals in your brain, could be a warning to see a doc.

Great story. You must find out the answer yourself, as we all do . Good luck!