I Can Force Adrenaline Into My Body.

I learned how to do this from play first person shooters. When I would warm up to the game I would move the mouse very fast across the screen, So it forced my eyes to rapidly move and take in everything faster. Whenever I did this, I would start playing much better than before, and my heart rate would increase. I've figured out how to make my eyes do this without help from the video game. I used to have to shut my eyes, but I can now move them rapidly without them closed.

In a matter of seconds, I can make my heart rate increase as fast as if I were just running. I feel more alert, and my usual clumsy self becomes very coordinated. Helps out a lot, when I need to be very fast at work. I need to keep moving fast or the effect will wear off in about 5-10 minutes. But I can keep up a very rapid pace for about 4 hours, and the effects are greatly increased if I had some caffiene. Every time I do this, it causes some twitching in my body, mostly in my right arm. The downside is that I become sleepy for about an hour afterwards, and rarely causes some eye pain.

I work at a place were speed matters a lot. Every time I do this at work, someone will stop and comment about how fast I am. The thing that kind of sucks though, is that when I don't do this, I'm one of the slowest employees. So it just makes me look like I'm slacking off on the other days.
Rakoras Rakoras
26-30, M
Apr 19, 2012