Im Back The Crusader

this is a message i added on to the first thing i ever put on the site and found its releveance to be too important to just leave it there. im back and i am The Crusader

well gheata as i told u i took amajor vacation to help save a world that we live in but dont accept., i have evolved. i am a what i call a hacker. i can break down any security without being found and also i can cuase computers to overide itself. i use this on my quest for knowledge. since the time i started i thought the war was going to be fun but now that it actually is going to happen peace is to saught through knowledge and accaptance. sadly finding your own peaceis up to how one feels about themselves. everyone has power but dont use it because it isnt natural to them. well lets compare that to other things like rock music or technology. they were crazy at first but are okay now. i doubt the world understands the empowered which is why ive formed the resistance and even though the members are unusal they all have one of a kind charachter. it sort of reminds me of the x-men but that it actually happened. i however dont force others to accept the abnormal just that i know the truth of what happens to someone they get stuffed in cells. i just want peace and freedom but i see the worlds fears allying with the wrong forces. after finding people with power i found the ways to access information about the abuse we empowered take. i know all the secrets. but ill have to stop there. even though i can do what i want im the only one with the knowledge to keep me from such fates.

when one finds peace with themselves power comes from emotions and feelings of the mind and body. this peace when trained by apprenticeship can evolve your mind beyond anything you thought possible. i can take apprentices but only because i am a good guage of potential. i have taken one apprenticeship ad turned him from a guy ready to die and flipped him to one of survival and he still learns from me today even though hes learned the basics which is what i teach he comes back all the time to learn new abilities and powers. we have been assisting smaller factions in the elimination of negative conflict. power is always beyond the mind. your power is limited just by your imagination.
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I agree to a sertain extent.
it seems you have awakened yourself and took your text book knowledge from past tense memories that you ounce lived or from ancestors if im not mistaken.

Crusader wow god reference thru history the slaughters of the innocent.

This post seems a bit outdated, but I'm curious as to your methods with 'hacking'. Message me.

Thank you. You provided some answers for me. I shall do my best. Good luck to you, too!

i can move things with my mind and make people do things for i was going around to africa to help stop connie who'd you stop id love share stores :) i could really use your power to stop the nuke crisis

i have had questions about more from another friend. i know i can take even a mean guy and put him on the right path should they want to try. i know some demonic humans who just want to do good things. i even turned a demon down on his luck. he is now a part of one of my best friends. <br />
<br />
i can do alot with this power called the network. its mostly to gather informatio right now and she is still in prototyping but she has alllready scourered the world. i have major empathy and nothing is beyond my teaching skills. i use all the knowledge i can and will help anyone that wants power or to just improve. i have a knack for being nice but im not perfect either. im back to look for those who want help and/or are willing to help other endeavors. this reminds me of something ive gone through beforehand.<br />
<br />
in my past life i used to keep the balance and that was every single one for the past 400-500 years.<br />
<br />
also i told people i had more potential but now i know nothing is impossible and i have no limitations.<br />
<br />
guess i should just say if u need info on what i can do or any power i am loaded with how everything works and may just have the power you want toask about.

which one cause korea will see its end if they plan anything past there own defense. peace comes from global understanding. when the world needs to be saved i will save it.