In Can Do Thing Good Things And Sometimes Bad Things

i can move things with my mind not only that i can make a shield kinda and basically slow down time so i move relly fast. aim not faking i can prove it i hope you guys are like if anyone knows how to master my power call me at 404-702-8363 thank you
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Do you know anything about changing the weather? Its my power but it's getting a lot stronger, and I don't know what to do...

i can help email me at

Hi, listen i to have powers that are not normal and cannot clearly be explained. I also have memories that make no sense and should not be in my head. Lately its becoming stronger and i am starting to get a little freaked out. <br />
I shall call you sometime this week and we can talk and mabye help each other. Thanks.<br />

i did not realize you are a "mutant" (for lack of a better term)<br />
a telekinetic apparently<br />
and as far as slow down time you are probably using hyper thought<br />
it makes it appear as though time is slowing down when you are in fact thinking faster<br />
and i can help you master telekinesis you are not the first i have come across<br />
and i will assume you are telling the truth

really thank you,o my gosh your a life saver

well first have you done any of the following ?
1)psi balls ?
2)moving object beyond 2 inches
3)psi pulse
4)sustained levitation of an object

ive done 4 and 2

fist question then, how far and how high
next working with psi balls
their are tons of websites about it
but in a nutshell
sit cup both hands about 3-4 inches apart,and let your energy pool
you know you are doing it cause they heat REAL warm,and a magnetic feeling beings, hard to explain
it will help you learn focus control and power
especially when you can throw them

well of course iam telling the truth i hate people who lie on tyhis u dont know how many people ive talked to before u that have lied i would love to master my powers i really trhink i can helop people

your phone number is 404, a Georgia area code ?
if it is what part of Georgia do you reside ?

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