Natural Powers

Yes,indeed,I have special Mind Powers,and I wanna use them for revenge on my enemies. I am interested in black magic,spells,curses,Tarot,I ching,and candle magic. I wanna be a black witch,just so I can curse my enemies and make their pathetic lives a living hell on earth. I am a former Satanist,now I wanna be a black witch and perform black magic on my enemies. I wanna make their lives miserable,unbearable. Ah,cuz revenge is sweet.

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Im guessing you want to be a witch . Yeah you will do great from just seeing your article

I have powers too. I use them on people I hate. But also on people I like.

So on people I hate. What I can do is Sharingan, but I also have another power. I can cure mental illnesses.

My little sister was born with Down Syndrome, and at the time she was born I looked straight into her eyes and said "Get better. Please, get better!"

1 month later, doctors told us her Down Syndrome had disappeared and there was no medical explanation. I have used this power on others, and it has worked.

Revenge is the weapon of the weak. <br />
Forgivnes is the weapon of the strong.<br />
Are you to weak to forgive?<br />
The past is the past.Dont became like the one that hurted you!Be stronger and wiser!<br />
You are a human. You can die. Do you want to die in hatred and with revenge thoughts?<br />
Is this your way of living?And why did you choosed sorcery ?Why do you want so much to destroy?<br />
<br />
Are you blinded?Dont you see that destruction power maked you fill so sad?<br />
<br />
Why do you want a sad world?<br />
Why?<br />
You are strong because you are human! Choose your way of living, but choose wise!Forgive and you will be forgived!<br />
<br />
Have a full of love life!

i have special powers and im using it against any one who is really annoying me .. i can say revange :P ? ... yeah well ive got the eye power its transformation when i use the first transformation the eye turns red and has black dot in the middle just like normal and 3 comma marks around it and it slows motion the second transformation is when i want to i can make person hurt what ever i want when he looks at my eyes he is already defeated i just make an illusion with them to him and in his mind i can do whatervr i want chop his arms off anything and for example if i make his mind think i stabbd him with knife in stomach he will bleed in real world i can also make fire flames around if i want to anything i want ! 1- there is no hidding from them :)))!!!

The way you described it- Sounds like your power is the Sharingan. &gt;.&gt;
Also, the 'black dot in the middle' is called your pupil.

the dark side is the downfall to any who are not in control. i have experience with such evils. i don't use them though, i kill them. cursed power can gravely affect probability and if your not careful it will bite you.

with power comes responsibility. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility to use it for good, otherwise, bad karma will follow you if you spread bad with your powers.

"Yes,indeed,I have special Mind Powers,and I wanna use them for revenge on my enemies.<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
It takes more energy to exact revenge than to just forget and move on...<br />
Just sayin.

And a dish best served cold. Very akin to chocolate cream pie in that manner.