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My Gift

I am an empath of feelings, i can feel other people around me's feelings and energy. I cant feel it throough the imternet like some can but I have a weaker one. I just found this out three monthes ago, sometimes it can help. I like this gift though. And if you dont beleive me, well idc this isnt for people to criticize. If you dont like keep to yourself!
CloudyNightWolf CloudyNightWolf 13-15, F 4 Responses Nov 3, 2012

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I have the same sensibility as you. I have used it to admire the struggle of humans and their beauty in that struggle. You can see true purity, kindness and the true intentions of one if you read his/her spirit. Keep observing and I advise you to admire them. You have the potential of loving humans - it is not easy at all, but you have that potential and through you and through your example more will learn to love thy neighbor as they love them-self.Let's bring true brotherly love again to this world! May Jesus bless you, sister!

Your not alone

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i think ur power is great i have a power like urs i can see things and i have other things to plz email me at i would like to talk to u