I Have A Gift

I have recently been discovering abilities which I have had aren't in my imagination and that I can prove them to be real. I have predicted the future correctly many times without realising it or trying and I am slower becoming aware of telekinetic abilities which only come to me at certain times.
Yesterday I predicted that I would be in a car crash whilst on my way to a swimming competition. We were driving down a one lane road when a man tries to over take us not realising of the oncoming traffic which was heading his way. He would've forced us of the road into a small group of pedestrians and a large tree if I hadn't been expecting it, managing to swerve out of the way missing them by centimetres. These visions or apparitions are becoming a frequent thing now and i'm now wondering if I am the only one to have such abilities.
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

there are plenty of people like you, like me. one of the things i can do, which is a little weird, is always tell when im about to eat spicy food.

Vice is right

no ur not people like us are all over i have a power like urs if u would like to talk more email me at forzath666@gmail.com