for the peolp who read this i come to u with u this i am writing this for a person i am in det to so he say " my brothers and sisters hear me out i have powers like all of u i come to ask of u to join me i am sick of liveing in the shadows of these normal people the call us freaks monstors demons just cuz we have power that we did not ask for they have killed us and torcherded us for millians of years i say its are time to to weal this world and for them to hide we are more powerful if we join together we will win plz join me " for the people who read this plz think my friends worlds do soound crazy but he only thinks of a world wear we live in peace i only ask that u comment thank you
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you clearly do not understand do you? war will never be an answer. its people like you who will start the next war and yet i would not be surprised.

Turning another page, I like that you have a dream, but as much as you do not understand who is God and how great his power is, you will never understand the truth.
You are like an ant, trying to kill the whole galaxy, because God is everything and everywhere and everything good or bad happens under his watchful eyes.
You are wondering why God doesn't stop all evil, why He allows rape, killing, etc.
Well, if you would red the Bible you would see that God was at first near humans and helped them, but humans gave in to their sins so God went away to not torture them.
If you would love to beat animals and you would be put near a just man who loves animals, and He would have great power over you, when you would try to do your evil, you would get punished. So, your life as an evil man would be torture.
I do not know God's reasons, but I do trust Him for that He always loved what is just and pure. Satan on the other hand, opposes God. We are tempted by devils and demons, who are the servants of satan to do evil, and because we are very weak, we listen to our thoughts, our animal impulses and we act stupid hurting the ones around us.
And now, you want to serve satan just because you do not understand God. That is foolish my brother. Read the Bible little by little and in each day look for what is truly beautiful around you: the human's soul. Remember that each human, no matter how evil, was a kid, and kids are pure. Some of that purity never dies and you can find it during their life now and then. When they show it, they are beautiful. But, you need to have the eyes to see it. And to have those eyes, you need the proper education.
Now you are educated to see what is evil inside humans, so that you can feed your anger , sadness, etc. But that is not the truth. A human is 100% like you with feelings, emotions, etc. You do wrong things, they do wrong things, you do good things and they do good things. You see, they are not entirely bad. If you look for what is good inside a human's look, act, etc, and you find his/hers beauty, you will truly see a fragment of this world tremendous beauty,
You are just like a man who stepped into a **** placed in a golden beautiful building.
You cry and cry that the **** is stinky and you hate because you foot is in ****, but you do not take your foot from the ****, nor look elsewhere.
And your teacher is in the same trouble as you. He keeps focus on the ****, but he has the both foots in it.
If you would take your leg from the **** and if you would look around, you will see so much beauty.
Train your soul by becoming a pure man who loves virtues to open your eyes. Otherwise you will be always blinded.

Also, you lost the war with yourself. How do you ever think you will be able to win the war outside yourself? Indeed you are weak and vulnerable. Stop blinding yourself and start being free. Are you that used to your chains that you consider them normal? Free yourself you little fool. We all had depression and desired to suicide, but we were responsible and with hope, faith and courage, tried to be better persons. And now here we are, healed.
Awaken, little brother. Take God's hand and walk with him to the beautiful adventure, named life :)
If you want any help, you can ask me for some. I will help you as I'll be able to, and then you will find better persons to listen to :)
Little brother, you must be free. This cage will only bring you sadness and the ones who make you stay in it are evil and they manipulate you. Little brother, I felt no love when I was a kid and I feel every day unloved, lonely and sad. But you don't see me rampaging and whining that none cares about me. No, man, I look at the stars, I thank God for His creation and walk forward in life as I can, step by step. The night is beautiful, the sky is great, I still don't have lots of answers. Why shouldn't I enjoy life this little time in which I am alive? death comes on us all little brother. When we die we must be courageous and happy for that we lived a life in which we helped others and let good things in this world.
God never left you, and He never will. As long as your heart beats, He is helping your cells get air, your body to breath, etc.
May God bless you little brother. Awaken.

Fine help break my cage take me away from here then I will believe u if u can't shut up

Your cage is within you. Let me help you break it. But the fact is that it's so though that I may not be able to break it alone.I will be one of the many who will help you escape during the next time of your life. Let us talk then in private message.

I think your "LEADER" is a fraud and an idiot.He hasn't the ability to add,much less to understand the fallacy of this.Tell you leader to contact me.........I will find him a most amusing toy.

he has no time to talk to u or any one right but if u want any info for him to now or for me to show him i can help

this is not a good age to have a leader. You can be easy deceived. Walk alone, stand alone and fallow God. You will find answers and questions during your life.

he is a great leader god will fall

No. he is a deceiver. You are deceived. Can't you see that he is taking advantage of you so that he can feel above others? Can't you see how proud and superiors he feels? Can't you see that you a merely a tool?
God will never fall. Humans might do Satan's wish, but God will never leave us. He will help us on our hardest times, for that he is merciful. But he is just, too and he will punish the evil ones! God does not hate humans, he hates our sins, but He will punish us for doing sins!
You are young. Open your eyes!

They are open and he is right god must fall

Why must God fail? Can't you see that because of Satan, humans became so evil? God is merciful, giving you life everyday, giving you food and shelter. How can you be so disrespectful, when He gives you so much? The truth is you have too much and now you rise your hand against the one that helps you so much,. You are just like a dog who is saved from drawing, that bites the hand of his savior. Can't you see all of the ugliness in this world? Why is the world ugly Because satan hates peace, satan hates love, satan hates us. satan manipulates the rich saying that the poor are trash. satan manipulates the poor, saying that the rich are evil. satan loves to see us finghitn and hating each other. Can't you see? Are you so blind?

No he gave us freedom to do what we wish god left us so now we will rule

God did not left us. He is between us, watching us, helping us. God prevented us from eating the Apple of Good and Evil for that He knew that satan will take advantage of that and will try to ruin His creation. Because of satan, humans are unhappy, sad and go to hell because they sin so much. satan brought us so much evil. You cannot blame Gopd for satan's deeds, and you cannot praise satan for God's good deeds!

I do and I love my sin

Then my little brother, remember this when someone will beat you, when someone will hate you, when someone will hurt you: Remember that the one who is healing you is God. remember that you are healed through love and that the hate makes your wound bigger. Remember who is your creator, and remember how merciful he is. remember that if you saw a man raping a little girl, you would kill him. Remember that God saw things like that and even uglier and that he healed the wounded and turned the evil ones to good. Remember that God will always give you another chance. Change as much time as you live. After you will die, all will be in vain. Do you really want to suffer forever? You are deceived my brother. Open your eyes!

They are open I was born to serve him like my partners did

No! We are not destined to do this or that. God gave you a body. You are a soul. You chose whatever you do with that body and your decisions will reflect your ending. Will you die forever because of your blindness and sins, or you will live by God's side with your true friends and with the ones that you helped to become better? Waste your life and none will be able to give it back to you! Sacrifice your life and fallow God and you will be forever young and free.

Anyone else watch children of the corn?

Yes, you are right, But he's been brainwashed by his friends and family. he saw only one side of the story-the one that they showed to him and he doesn't even question this. He is foolish and young. I hope he will understand the truth sooner or later, before it is too late.

He is 16. He is a minor. I am not his mom, but in front of God, I am his brother! And I will not let my little brother become evil so that others can feel better about them-self! He must be helped for that I suffered a lot when I was young and I can understand him. We must help each-other because that is what humans do. Humans must be as angels, not as puppets.

An angel is not a tool for that a tool has no feelings. We are not tools, angels and demons are not tools. I want to help him for that we must help each-other. We are humans, we want to be loved. But what's the point of being happy if you are happy alone? If I want to go to God, then I want to take others with me. Lets all be happy near our Creator. Without evil will be good. Before evil was good. God was always good and will always be. Ying and young has a deeper meaning. It means that without effort you can have no success. It is a way of thinking about what you must give in order to take and what you must take in order to give, in life. Things are so simple and yet so complicated and this is why those things are so beautiful.

I am a tool thank u for careing but I'm alone I have no soul I have never felt love no true love I was born to be used

Lmao 'a severe case of too much emo'

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I am ready 2 join him
infact i hv builded a grp of dis type of p ple
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