My Multiple Gifts..

Well ever sense I was a little girl, I've seen ghosts, demons, pushed, things move in my room, I've been possessed, etc.
If I go anywhere that's severely haunted, I can feel if the spirits are angry, upset, depressed.
If they're sad, tears start coming out my eyes, a lot. I could be laughing, but the tears will still come down.
If they're angry, I get sharp pains in my body, nausea, and I get a instant fever in a matter of seconds.
If they're upset and angered AND depressed, my skin turns ice cold and my eyes go black. I start floating in and out of unconsciousness, I get flash backs, I can see what happened to them and what they want.
I have to have someone write everything down that very instant when I receive these messages, because once I leave the premises I completely forget all of it. And if the spirit/demon is too strong, my vulnerability will become a huge target. If the entity is angry, I get angry. If he's a man, I act like a man. If he's from the 1800's, I talk, act like I'm from the 1800's.

I can only have one person around me when I go somewhere haunted. Too many people around me won't work. I'll get their emotions mixed with anything I pick up.
So one person usually manages.
I've been contacted through my dreams, from the Devil, Demons, God and the Virgin Mary.
I was always a unusual Girl, but I've hid my talents very well.

Even with people, I can tell their emotions, their weakness and strengths. I know when they're lying, why they're lying.
If I have a 5 minute conversations with a complete stranger, I can give him 1000 facts he/she doesn't even know about themselves.
Which is why I hate people in general. I've read so many people and I see/know their intentions.

My family doesn't take interest in any of my gifts. No one does. Because they're scared of it. They're scared that there is a after life. That there is a haunting.

Either way, I hold these talents and I use them wisely.. I just wish I could be valued upon someone else's eyes, too.
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Damm, I'm stuck on your profile !!! You are amazing ! Don't let your fam bring you down, you are gifted and all I can say is WOW ! Much love, take good care of your temple

hello! i'm glade to know that i'm not the only one with gifts. i can relate too. i can talk to people and i can sense if they are sad. they try to hid it but i see right through them. i been posed, I've seen ghost, i had the virgin marry to talk me, i heard demons, i believe god talked to me and i can see auras at times. i hope i didn't scare you off. if you want someone to talk about this, i would be glade to.

Lol, that\'s pretty cool.

thanks!! i hope the demons would leave me alone

I can always sense spirits and stuff. And have always been able to see things also.

wow! that is really a Christian, i have so many questions for you, but not of an accusatory are valued in my eyes, and highly. i wonder what 1000 things you could say about me haha. i always wonder how i come across!

I understand your feelings. However, I am fortunate enough to have a more understanding family, in that regard. I like your story. :)

Wow. I take interest. At least what little I have. I try not to interact with humans at any rate.

You would SOOOOoooooo Love my house :o). It has an active spirit portal in it.Some times it iis like grand central station around here,other times it is dead still.
You and the others I have read here have giftings relating to the spirit realms.I also have a type of gifting in that area as well.People cannot truely understand what they cannot fathom nor experience.
If you wish to speak with me I welcome your conversation,yet I will not push myself on you.
Peace: Morph

I don't normally do this but deejagurly90 go **** your self y simple leaving comments like the last 2 is just **** childish I'm sory about my Langewige but it gets me mad when some 1 that doesn't know that much starts leaving comments like that

Lol, it's okay. There's more where this Idiot came from. They won't velieve any of this, till they have a personal expierance.


see a exorcist aahhhhhh

i think its in your mind maybe you should go see a doctor or someone

Gtfoh. Annoying ****.

I am the same. :( And I hate it. Didi they ever hurt u? The demons? Once I heard them in the kitchen with knifes and I fell unconscious,but when I woke up I had a big cut on my leg. They r teeritying. I just wanted to tell u that I know how u feel. Take care.

This is really interesting stuff but i can't help but feel slightly skeptical

You have every right to feel skeptical. I don't have these gifts to make non believers, believers. I don't brag about these gifts either. But to able to vent it out is good. It is interesting stuff. But no one can believe a word I aay unless they see it for themselves. And I respect that completely. All I ask, is to keep an open mind.

That's fair enough.
I take it by your user name you smoke pot right?

I'm not a pot head, but I smoke weed for the healthy and positive reasons with full responsibility.

Healthy and positive reasons?

GanjaGanja, seriously i want to talk Marijuana

Marijuana has been used medicinally and spiritually by humans for thousands of years....Our brains have natural receptors for it!

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this story is soooo interesting one of my faves of all ep time

I've been sensing spirit recently and although it catches me off guard I feel so weird it's like a "what the hell just happened moment", I know my college campus is by a cemetery and I've been sensing the energy and presence of spirits all over the campus sometimes their even in the same place repeatedly. I do have more then just the ability to sense energy of spirits and their also cool as well.

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