I wasn't born with this ability nor did I ask for it... it just came to me that way. I guess you can consider me an inhuman in a way because of this.

At first I thought I was reading people through their body language or I just knew them well, but I later realized that was almost impossible. I would know a persons story just by looking at them or knowing a few things about them. I could send messages of what I am thinking to them without even knowing. I haven't mastered this ability, but I know it will come naturally to me as I work on it.

I don't use this to take advantage of people or to purposely listen on others thoughts. All I want to do is help...
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Thats great
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Do you literally hear what they're thinking, or just get a general reading?

Your not the only one who's just recent discovered that they're a telepath, I'll admit it's weird and the fact that you never knew about it makes it weirder but once your able to get a grasp on it or at least learn how to block out people's thought's I'm sure it'll get better for you. I'm no expert myself I just found out not to long well that and that I can see into the future, i'm an empath, and I can sense energy from things alive and spirits (really weird) but I'm trying to get a grasp on my own gifts at the moment.