I have always loved animals, and have always felt a connection with them. I always believed animals could understand us, and we could understand them. i always carried on conversations with my animals, and sometimes they could answer me back. I never really thought anything of it until i came into my coven a couple years ago. They gave me a name for my powers, Zoopathy, and since then i have been working on it, and my other powers, and i watch them grow and strengthen everyday. I love animals, i love being to communicate with them, and i love all my powers...
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wow that's so cool! animals have so much to teach us...


May I ask, are you vegetarian or vegan? After all, you can't really love animals yet eat them, ya know? Use whatever you think you have and put it to good use ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4