Well..It's A Long Story...

If you want to hear how and when and what and all the details you can pm me or comment or something. I'm not gonna bore you with the details otherwise. Long story short, I can see ghosts (and other paranormal things), I get a strong feeling when something bad is about to happen, I can sense others emotions, I have telepathy with certain people (only those I am close to), and I think I may have a few other powers but I haven't confirmed that I have them yet. (What I mean by not having confirmed them yet is that I like to test the powers out and make sure it wasn't a coincidence or something else that made it seem like I have the power)

I will answer any questions you want if you ask them. I will also tell you my story if you really want to know.
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I think I'm like you. I would like to hear your story

Well when you do find your answers just know that since you do have powers there is a tendency of them growing or their just in your subconscious and you haven't unlocked them consciously yet.

Im certainly interested!

and particular thing you want to know about or hear about? any questions? or do you just want me to tell you a random story about my experiences?

How bout a random experience

Well, I have a friend of mine that lives almost three states away. I rarely talk to him so when I get a message from him or vice versa, we both know it is important. We are close enough friends that we tend to feel each others emotions if they are strong enough emotions. That day I was messing around with my Ouija Board (yes, they are dangerous and stupid. I know that, which is why I mess with them. When you have practically no fear life gets boring...) I heard my cell go off. Usually I would ignore it, but it was the special ringtone I had set for my friend. I quickly ended my session and went and read the text. It read, 'Are you okay? I got a really bad feeling.' I told him what I had been doing and since he is Wiccan and hates it when I use the Ouija Board he told me how stupid I was. I went back to using the Ouija Board since I wasn't in the mood to listen to him scolding me. Within seconds of opening the next session, I was overcome with very negative energy. I did something horrible and accidentally let go of the pointer without closing the session. I quickly grabbed on again and closed the session, but it was too late. I had released a demon in my house. My friend texted me within seconds of putting away the Ouija Board. I told him what had happened and he went on to say I told you so. I still have the demon in my house (but I have trapped him in a specific room for now. So as long as I don't go into that room alone with the lights off, I'm pretty safe). Every time I get a text from my friend saying he has a bad feeling (and vise versa) we both act extra carefully until the bad feeling goes away. I don't know how me and him formed this connection, but I know it is correct 100% of the time.