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Things with me have always been different.  When I was a young child I had many experiences with things that my parents chalked up to an inventive imagination.  Things started to die down with my "imaginary friends" around the age of ten or so.  I suppose at that age I suppressed everything completely.  For the past few years I didn't even believe my past experiences were experiences, however recently things have gotten out of control.  I can no longer deny that something with me is different.  I see things, they come to me in the daylight and in the darkness.  When I am dreaming I have conversations with people, I see things prior to their occurring, and I awake tired and drenched with sweat.  I know I sound crazy but I see colors I didn't used to see.  I almost believe I can tell when someone is hurting if that is possible, my arms tingle and I can feel what can best be described as a strength gathering from the souls of my feet and working upward.  If anyone can help me please comment, if not I completely understand.  I am just having a lot of issues with my family as they pretty much view me as a walking taboo. I don't know what to do. 

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You aren't the only one who feels that way. I have abilities but mine run in my family most of my family ignores it thow so I'm completely alone

If everything is taken from you, give so that they will not suffer as you. If everyone hits you, nurture and heal so that they will not feel the pain that you felt. If you fall, don't let other fall so that they will not become like you. We know darkness so that we can protect others.

i think you should go to see doctor.

Try to look at everything with love and you'll see that the world will become a heaven :)I had many experience too with noises and other... and i tried to help the ones that suffered and i was helped by God. Since then, the spirits don't disturb me anymore...Have a beautiful life ;)

But drawing strength from deep within when you feel someone hurting - that makes for an awesome person. To troubled souls, you can be a solid rock. Not always - their pain will eventually catch up with you. However, if you choose to use it for good and talk to those people/listen to them - not suggesting solutions but simply guiding them towards something they truly deeply want; then there will be enough good people around you for when you eventually crash as I did.<br />
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Seriously not something to worry about. Good luck with helping people! Maybe look into counselling/psychology/social work. You have a gift. <br />
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I know I already commented, but that was during my crash and I totally neglected to comment on possibly the most important part! <br />
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And when you wake drenched - are you sleeping on a hard bed? Just asking on the off-chance: when I slept on the airport floor (directly on it) I woke up drenched because I'd totally cut circulation to my arm for a few hours... I was literally drenched...

i have the same thing. I also have countless other things. you and me are the same. Are you scared? I am.

Hi there. I can feel when someone's hurting. They look somehow different to me - not how they should look if they weren't hurt. It seems blindingly obvious most of the time, too - where noone else notices.<br />
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The thing with colours - I believe there are different levels of colour in the world, seen when you are in different moods. Sometimes a sunrise will appear bright and wonderful - subliminal differences you can't actually see but feel. If this is anything like what you mean, I'm amazed...<br />
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As for seeing the future, my subconscious works it out. I can take in vast amounts of information about current events very quickly, assessing it for validity and what's likely to be actually true - depending on who said it, why and what fr<x>ame of mind they were in when they said it. Then, the future is apparent. I guess you're talking more random, unpredictable events though - and with the waking sweaty I don't know. I sweat tonnes in bed but I don't know why - I only ever wake up in the morning.<br />
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Best, hope you find people on here you're comfortable talking to!<br />

I am sorry for your condition. I am experiencing similiar problems. Over the past 4 months, I have been developing powerful telepathy and telekinesis, but have little control over it as of yet. My friends are completely weirded out by it, and have left me stranded, as well as my family tries to ignore it, but I want them to help me learn how to use it, practice it with me. They know it is real, but flat out lie to my face about it. I now know what it is like to be shunned cause your a freak. I always was quite shy, reclusive, introvert, observant. But now, that's not completely by choice. I keep throwing my thoughts into other's heads, and I keep pushing them around just by moving my body. I lost my job delivering pizzas because of it. 5 or 6 times I made employees drop food on the ground cause I pushed them, without touching. It's driving me nuts, and it's getting worse and better at the same time. The worse is that I am now, rarely, making other's say things. It's very difficult to explain. If I want a thought to be heard or understood, I consciously think it in the forefront of my head. And now, too often, as I try to turn it off, and turn back my focus on what somebody else is saying, a thought comes out the back of my head, without me really consciously recognizing it, I don't even try, but something slips out of the very back of my focus, and whoever I try to listen to, blurts out whatever word it was. This so far I have no control over. I am developing control over when my thoughts are heard or not. And am becoming very very conscious of my body movements, as to not fling myself toward anybody. Especially while emotional, particularly angry. But yeah, im a freak too, and am more than willing to talk to you if you would like.

I have the same actually, at times, about people saying what you really want to be said. I believe it is actually to do with the way I say other things, make other contributions - there is a force acting in the tone of my voice, micro expressions in my face maybe, that just make other people say exactly what it is I want the group to understand. It only really happens when I know I have lost a certain credibility there, so if I said it it would be shrugged off. Usually it's then said by the most credible person in the group, and so things move forward. I don't have telekinesis experience to share though.
Good luck,

thanks for the comment, yeah our inner psychic abilities are very real.

You already know what you have to do. Perhaps you've let other's convince you that it's silly, or maybe you've forgotten... Just remember that everyone has their own part to play, and you don't have to let your part be decided by anyone else. It's your world, so long as you harm no one, do what you will with it.

i have the same thing